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Where’s the evidence for Noah’s flood?

Many people believe proving that the story of Noah’s Ark and the flood is the key to people finally believing the accounts of Genesis to be accurate.  Well, what if the proof is already all around us and we have just chosen to ignore it?

The evidence for a worldwide flood IS all around you, it just depends what lens you use to view the evidence. When secularists look at the evidence they see millions of years of gradual decay and deposits. I see millions of dead things covered in sediment laid down very rapidly (since this is how fossils form). I believe the evidence for the flood is practically everywhere you look: mountain ranges, valleys, canyons, rivers, plate tectonics, geographic strata cutting across entire continents, marine fossils on tops of mountains, volcanoes, polar ice caps, the fact that the earth is still 2/3 water, and the immense fossil record.

Much more detailed info on these evidences here.

This is further proof that no matter how much evidence there is, people will still find a way to deny it. Evidence is not what you need more of to believe in God – it’s the correct interpretation.

More info on “Flood Geology – in a nutshell”.

To further prove my point, I’d like to lay out impressive evidence of a possible final resting place of Noah’s Ark.  I understand that this is much disputed, even amongst my creationist allies, but after careful reviewing of the information (from both sides) – the evidence seems very strong (not 100%), but still very strong that this land formation at the base of Mount Ararat in Turkey very well may be the remains of Noah’s Ark fossilized into the ground, but don’t take my word for it – check it out for yourself…


The ark formation measures exactly 500 feet – which is comparable to the measurements given to Noah in Genesis!

Sidewalls still show signs of evenly placed rib timbers:

Radar scans show compartments buried underground:

Discoverers found many Anchor stones.  They believe earlier explorers marked them with crosses to mark them as religious artifacts:

Discoverers believe this large piece of petrified wood is the covering of the Ark that Noah removed at the end of the flood:

Many construction rivets were found in the area:

After further excavation, more solid evidence of rib timbers shows itself:

All photos and info from http://www.wyattmuseum.com/noahsark.htm

The naysayers discount this evidence because the archeologist who found it has also been shown to falsely identify other religious historical items.  I don’t think this applies here.  I think, since Ron Wyatt is human – he has the ability to make correct and incorrect findings.  He is not a prophet and should not be held to the same degree as a prophet.  Until new information comes forward, I think this is great evidence for a historical Noah’s Ark.

Combine this photographic evidence of a literal Noah’s Ark with geologic evidence of a worldwide catastrophe in every corner of the world, as well as numerous ancient cultural flood legends, studies on population growth happening 5000 years ago, as well as Jesus mentioning the “days of Noah” in Matthew 24 – and you have a pretty good recipe for a literal, historic Noah and the flood.

     See this link for answers to common objections such as:

  • How could Noah build the Ark?
  • Were Dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark?
  • How could Noah fit all the animals?
  • How could Noah care for all the animals?
  • Where did all the water come from?
  • Where did all the water go?
  • Was the flood global?

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