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Theories are like road maps

Found this gem in my textbook this week.  It is speaking about theories of counseling, but I think could also be applied to evolutionary theory:

“A theory is like a road map.  Suppose you have a road map of California and you want to drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  You see a red line marked ‘101’.  Aha, you think, I’ll drive down that red highway 101.  But when you get to the highway, you see it is black asphalt.  Why does the map show it to be red?  The map lies!  Why does the map lie?  Because the map-makers wants to make it easier for you to see the path.  You drive down the highway and see office buildings, gardens, and swimming pools, but none of them are indicated on the map.  The map not only distorts reality – it omits zillions of details.  Why?  Because all those details would make it too complicated to find the best route between two cities.  In the same way, a theory attempts to explain a complex situation by overemphasizing and distorting the importance of certain variables while ignoring completely other variables that they theory-maker considers irrelevant.  A theory is just one way of oversimplifying a complex situation so that it is easier for you to see the big picture.  That picture is not reality itself – just one theory-maker’s version of it.”

–        John D. Krumboltz, Stanford University

Does the road map of evolution lie?  Does it omit information (the Bible)?  Does it attempt to simplify the situation for our feeble minds to make sense of it?  Evolution lies in the fact that given enough time – anything is possible.  Creation states that given God – anything is possible.


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