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Census.gov population growth proves the flood?

This chart is from www.census.gov (found on Wikipedia) in an attempt to estimate the population of the world from the supposed start of mankind (according to a secular view).  I think this chart speaks VOLUMES towards a young Earth as described in the Bible.  If humans came into existence nearly 12,000 years ago or earlier, why the population explosion not until around 2000 BC? 

Secularists will try and dismiss this by arguing that the invention of agriculture and continued industrialization is what led to the massive boom.  Although this position can be partly correct to use, Christians know that sometime around 2400 BC was a worldwide flood that killed every person on the world but eight.  This was a bottleneck that literally started over mankind.  This bottleneck is apparent on this chart.

For more information on the history of mankind from a Biblical timeline, see this chart.


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