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Flood geology … in a nutshell

According to the Bible, about 4400 years ago a massive, catastrophic worldwide flood destroyed the earth as we knew it.  This was not the cute little Sunday school bedtime story we most often get fed with pictures of a crowded boat floating on the water with two giraffes popping out the top.  This was a world altering event over the course of a year’s time.  It changed everything!

Most creation scientists believe this event is what we have to thank for the majority of the various geologic strata, column, fossil record, plate tectonics, ice age, and future geologic events.   This is in stark opposition to the secularly supported theories of small changes over long periods of time, evidence of heredity in the fossil record, and other geologic events (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.) always being in the world.

The biggest opposition to the creationist theory is that a single flood would only create one mixed layer of sedimentary rock with a barrage of animal remains, not layered and orderly strata as we have.  The answer to this issue requires envisioning what a worldwide flood would look and act like.  Creation scientists see multiple waves coming from multiple directions over several months.  The waters did not move across the continents all at once sweeping up everything as it went along.  As the waters moved across the continents one layer would be laid down from one direction, a couple weeks/months later it would be followed by another layer of sediment from another direction, another time later followed by another from a different direction.  Noah’s flood lasted one year.  This time would give the flood plenty of time to lay down several layers of sediment.

Well, what about the hierarchy of complexity in the fossil record throughout the strata?  Doesn’t that prove evolution of species where less complex animals are followed by more complex animals?  First of all, if the above theory of these strata all being laid down in one year is correct – this theory is already severely damaged.  Second, let’s imagine the flood together again.  A flood starts coming across the plain. The more complex/smarter animals get to higher ground. The waters wipe away the lesser complex animals.   A month later more flood waters come in from another direction (remember this is worldwide) and swallow up the next level of animals, and over and over.  There you go.  There is a hierarchy in the fossil record, but burial order during the flood explains that hierarchy.

Flood geologists believe that when the Bible declares that the “fountains of the great deep burst forth” (Gen.7:11, ESV) it is describing the breaking up of the continents from a Pangaea state where all the continents were once together in one place.  According to this theory, the continents are now where they are as a result of the year-long flood.  This breaking of the continents would have created the plate tectonics that we now use to describe earthquake and volcanic activity.  Therefore, now imagine every fault line going off at the same time across the world.  Can you even imagine the immense catastrophe of the flood? 

As these plates settled in the months and years following the flood, there would have been immeasurable amounts of aftershocks resulting in continual earthquakes and volcanic activity.  Creation scientist believe this volcanic activity would have been so immense that it would have created an ash cloud covering a great deal of the sky (think aftermath of Mt. St. Helens on a much larger scale).  This ash cloud would have worked as a reflector for the sun reflecting the rays away from the earth inevitably cooling the earth for tens to hundreds of years after the flood.  This cooling effect would be what caused what creation scientists consider the one ice age the earth endured.  This ice age ended as the ash cloud dissipated and the earth warmed again.

According to these theories, every time we have another earthquake, volcano eruption or tsunami we are actually experiencing aftershocks of the worldwide flood 4400 years ago and should serve as a reminder of God’s once judgment on the earth, and an impending judgment again.  2 Peter 3: 3-7 says – “…in the last days scoffers will come…following their own evil desires.  They will say, ‘Where is this coming he promised?’… But they deliberately forget that long ago by God’s word the heavens came into being and the earth was formed out of water… By these waters also the world of that time was deluged and destroyed.  By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire.” 

The flood was the worst catastrophe in the history of the world.  We should NEVER forget.  We shouldn’t be able to forget as the evidence is everywhere!  Secularists ask where is this evidence?  What we need to remember when we talk about evidence of a past event is those evidences will have to be interpretted since we can’t actually observe how they happened.  Let me recap the evidences with the two interpretations outlined:

  1. The geologic strata
    either a little bit of water over a long period of time (secular) or
    a lot of water over a little period of time (creationist).
  2. The geologic column
    either evidence of hereditary evolution of animals (secular) or
    order of burial as various flood waves swept the continents (creationist).
  3. Plate tectonics
    either slow moving separations in the crust that have taken billions of years to reach their current position (secular) or
    the very starting points of the flood “bursting forth” and moving the continents to where they are today (creationist).
  4. Ice age
    either slow gradual changes back and forth in temperature due to many factors (secular) or
    one ice age due to the sun’s rays being refracted following the flood and the ash cloud that would have filled the sky (creationist).
  5. Earthquakes and volcanoes
    either random events due to slow moving tectonics (secular) or
    aftershocks from one major earth altering flood event (creationist).

In conclusion, flood geology offers rational explanations for the evidence left behind in the world.  Secularists will accuse us of starting with a conclusion (the flood happened) and working backwards.  Why aren’t we willing to abandon the flood theory and just let the evidence do the talking?  Well, two reasons.  First, evidence doesn’t speak for itself.  Second, evidence of past events must always be interpreted through the interpreter’s preexisting views of the world.  Is the secularist willing to abandon his “no supernatural” starting condition?  No.  We are both biased, but only one of us is being honest about those biases!


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