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Creation Science chart (updated 12/05/13)


This section is a unique look at how creationists interpret modern scientific news stories.  While those with an evolutionary worldview are quick to accept the published interpretation, this chart will look to expose the unmentioned possibilities.

We will be consistently updating this chart, so please check back regularly!


ARTICLE:  “Baffling 400,000-Year-Old Clue to Human Origins”  12/04/2013  http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/05/science/at-400000-years-oldest-human-dna-yet-found-raises-new-mysteries.html?_r=0
SYNOPSIS:  A paper published in Nature details DNA recovered from a reportedly 400,000 year old source blowing away the previous record of intact DNA 100,000 years old.
EVOLUTIONARY INTERPRETATION:  DNA can stay intact much longer than originally thought.
CREATION INTERPRETATION:  The DNA is not really that old, and not surprising to find intact still since it is really only thousands of years old.



ARTICLE:  “Stone-tipped spears predate existence of humans by 85,000 years”  11/14/2013  http://www.foxnews.com/science/2013/11/14/stone-tipped-spears-predate-existence-humans-by-85000-years/
SYNOPSIS:  A paper published in PLoS ONE dated manmade spears to 85,000 years prior to the first homo-sapien evidence.
EVOLUTIONARY INTERPRETATION:  Homo Sapiens are much older than originally determined OR one of our ancestors developed the ability to fashion weaponry.
CREATION INTERPRETATION:  Humans have always been humans with sophisticated building abilities from the beginning.  This evidence confirms that belief.


ARTICLE:  “Before cells, biochemicals may have combined in clay”  11/7/2013  http://www.news.cornell.edu/stories/2013/11/chemicals-life-may-have-combined-clay
SYNOPSIS:  Researchers at Cornell University propose that clay, if left for billions of years, will soak up liquid and assist in forming proteins and other building blocks of life.
EVOLUTIONARY INTERPRETATION:  Another piece of evidence that no creator is necessary, life can generate spontaneously.
CREATION INTERPRETATION:  Counted 6 “could have, would have, may have” assumptive statements including the title.  Scientists take a short term experiment and assume the possible connotations for billions of years outside of observation.  Do not experiment actual long-term, assume long-term.

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