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Quotes for contemplation…

Recently I have come across a couple of quotes that really got me thinking.  The first is from famed atheist, scientist, and philosopher Carl Sagan.  It  was posted recently from one of my super-liberal friends.  I found it quite ironic!  Read it first, and I’ll explain…


If you read up on both side of the creation/evolution debate you will quickly see how this quote could apply equally to both sides – yet I’m sure Sagan didn’t see it that way.  In other words, the quote is very powerful but will do pretty much nothing to move along the conversation.

From our perspective, evolutionists will not acknowledge the evidence of creation because they already have a pre-defined conclusion and our evidence doesn’t fit into that.  The irony is that is exactly what they accuse of us of doing… and they are right.  But we will admit it, and they won’t.

The next quote has very much impacted me!  In the creation/evolution debate things can get very detailed about evidence and what is / what is not possible.  It can be very helpful to reminded of this simple but profound concept I think we too quickly forget…


Kent Hovind has certainly had his fill of controversy in the creation/evolution community – but he is also well loved by many.  He has a very unique approach that is no holds barred.  Many disagree with his methods and some of his arguments, but Kent certainly has a special way of saying plainly what for many of us would be tripping over our words.

I will never forget this quote of his!  It puts the whole debate into perspective very quickly.



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One thought on “Quotes for contemplation…

  1. Thanks for sharing this quote.

    Posted by chaddamitz | November 27, 2015, 4:23 pm

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