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Do creationists believe in climate change?


YES and a little bit no.  Let me explain…

Yes, there are some human factors that are contributing to the decline of our natural resources.  There are also some natural factors that just happen on our planet from time to time and naturally recover itself as well.  There is good science to suggest both.  Should we make changes to help cut down the depletion of our natural resources by human consumption?  Sure!  Why not?  What we shouldn’t do is buy into the fear-mongering that if we don’t change we will destroy the planet for our children.  That is obviously an unbiblical position.

Those that know the Bible know how this all ends.  We know that Jesus returns to bring his people home.  Doesn’t that suggest that his people do not die out by the depletion of natural resources before His return??  Does that mean we should be irresponsible with what we’ve been entrusted with?  No, of course not.

Some creationists have been weary of global warming science due to the same assumptions being used in evolution science.  They take a very small amount of historical data and extrapolate it out to virtually create a scenario that is unseen.  Evolution does that to our past and global warming does that to our future.  I understand their point and concern.

Some see global warming as an excuse liberals use to advance their agenda.  Maybe there is some truth to that.  Liberals are classicly known as being less biblically minded.  Just as evolution science leaves God out of the picture, global warming science leaves God out as well.  Biblically-minded Christians get concerned at both of these positions.  We know that God is in control, and that He has a plan that no man can alter.

Should we do something about human over consumption?  Yes, of course.  Should we buy into a fear-mongering campaign about the end of civilization by some godless liberals?  Of course not!


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6 thoughts on “Do creationists believe in climate change?

  1. You know what this sounds like?

    “God has a plan for my child so I’m going to pray for god to heal him instead of taking him to the hospital”

    Yes, god may have a plan for that child, and for the earth, but it’s up to us to allow that plan to be possible in the first place. You talk so much about observation. Global warming has been directly observed, and the reason behind it has been directly proven to be our fault. And it’s also a fact that humans are only capable of surviving this planet when the planet’s temperatures are within a certain temperature range. We go above that range and everything starts dying, oceans start rising, and there’s just no way to stop our extinction. Jesus may return, but there may be nobody left to greet him when he does.

    It’s not an excuse. Saving the earth from global warming doesn’t benefit anybody financially or politically. It costs money, and nobody likes to spend money. But it’s something we have to do if we want humanity to survive more than a few more generations. I’m perplexed that anybody is still denying the absolutely clear science. This isn’t even historical science as you choose to ignore in other aspects. This is direct current observation. Global warming has very little to do with “over-consumption” as your post seems to imply (except maybe trees). It has to do with CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Look at Venus if you want to see what a planet looks like when there’s too much CO2. Planting more trees is the easy fix, but since we’re running out of oil in the earth it’s probably a good idea to stop using it for energy purposes.

    Posted by Andy Gilleand | October 15, 2015, 10:10 pm
    • I am not denying climate change. I’m with you that we should do something. I am only saying that as Christians we do not need to be concerned that we will be the cause of the planet’s demise because the real cause of this planet’s demise has already been revealed. Should we take care of it – yes! But we are not going to be the ones to destroy. There is no possible way Jesus will return to an empty earth. That goes 100% against scripture. And, just for theoretical argument’s sake… if we do get it to the point where it starts dying and that causes Jesus to return – then GREAT!! I welcome that return as soon as possible 🙂

      Posted by Tim | October 15, 2015, 11:40 pm
      • Like the parent praying for their child instead of going to the hospital example, once again, god may have a plan but it’s up to us to get there. He didn’t create us to be lazy and destroy the world he created for us. If we want Jesus to come back, we need to keep the world in good condition so that when he comes back, there are still people here.

        “if we do get it to the point where it starts dying and that causes Jesus to return – then GREAT!!” – this line right here is practically saying “LET’S START THE APOCALYPSE”. We shouldn’t be rooting for the end of the world. Once again coming back to the parenting example, many christians believe that if a child dies they go to heaven, so should a parent kill their child to ensure they go to heaven? Absolutely not. So likewise we should not kill our earth to try to expedite some ending we think we want to experience. By all accounts the apocalypse is not a good time for the earth, and should be put off as far as it possibly can.

        All of that being said, once again science and facts should take preference over beliefs. Yes, you might believe in Jesus’s return, but in the end it’s still just a belief, and one not everyone shares. It’s not a guaranteed fact no matter how confident you may be in your belief. Unlike global warming, which IS a guaranteed fact if we don’t do something about it, regardless of what your religious beliefs may be.

        Facts are what we know to be true. Beliefs are what we think is true. Our beliefs may be right, but there’s no way to verify them independently and factually like we can with the science behind global warming, so that must take priority on this issue.

        Posted by Andy Gilleand | October 16, 2015, 12:07 am
        • Well just to be crystal clear I am not advocating that we speed up the end of the world, I was just making a weird side point… I am 100% in agreement that there are things that we are doing to the world to hurt it – and we SHOULD do something about that. I’m not sure why you are even debating me on it. Sounds like we are in agreement there.

          The only thing I disagree with is the fear-mongering that certain groups do to get people to side with them. And Biblically, no – the planet will not become inhabitable before Jesus returns. It just wont. I understand that you see beliefs as less than science. Of course I disagree and have demonstrated many times that beliefs are always intertwined with science. But that’s even beyond the issue here.

          Let me make it very simple. It seems to me that young-earth creationists interpret the world through the lens of the Bible. Others interpret the Bible through what they see in the world. You did that right here. You said “well maybe when Jesus returns there will be no one left here”. That is 100% unbiblical.
          I understand how you might see that way of interpreting things as more reasonable, but if God is real – and his word that talks about not siding with the world over and over and over is true, and if you do stand before Him someday…. do you really think He would say ‘well done’?

          I am working to please God PERIOD. If that means I take controversial positions – so be it. If that means I am ostricized, called stupid, whatever – so be it. And if you actually read the scriptures you will find real quickly that it is those people that God shows His favor on the most. He spits out the rest. The Bible can’t be more clear on the dangers of siding with the world. It talks about us looking different than the rest of the world. I think I’m doing that. Are you?

          Posted by Tim | October 16, 2015, 2:22 pm
  2. So if global warming doesn’t lead to human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together and mass hysteria; what will happen if nothing is done?

    Posted by Adam Benton | October 19, 2015, 5:45 pm
  3. Humans are responsible for climate change but not in the way most people believe. The greatest climate change we have experienced is that caused by the worldwide flood and that was God’s judgment on sin.

    In Elijah’s time God sent a drought on Israel because the people had turned from God to worship Baal. The drought ended when the people turned back to God. Today California is experiencing a sever drought. Perhaps this drought has the same cause; if so it can be ended the same way.

    Jesus said we should seek first the kingdom of God and everything else will be added to us. If Christians will seek to change the moral climate by faithfully teaching the Bible and calling on sinners to repent it will have a positive effect on our physical climate.

    Posted by Clyde Herrin | November 6, 2015, 12:53 pm

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