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Embrace grace!


The graphic above points out what is probably the most serious flaw in many people’s thinking about religion as well as some church doctrines. We live in a transactional society. It makes sense to us that when I do “x”, I get “y”. The free gift of true Christianity doesn’t compute with many of us. This is why some religions like Islam are so attractive to people looking to become religious. Muslims are very disciplined. You know exactly what to do and when to do it to be “right with God”. We want to know exactly what we can do to please our God’s wrath. Christianity is unique in that it is not about what we can do, but about what He did in providing the final sacrifice for our sin. Each time we sin Christ does not have to get back up on the cross. It is finished. We are forgiven. Those who accept that are right with God. It is the realness of being accepted by God that motivates us to WANT to do the spiritual disciplines such as prayer, church-going, service, tithing, etc. We shouldn’t be doing it out of some false idea of our earning God’s favor. If you are doing it the other way around, you will find yourself burnt out and feeling like you never measure up… because you don’t! That’s the point. Those that can measure up by their own merit don’t need saved. Embrace the grace that is a free gift, and then respond as the Spirit encourages you on.


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