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Ragamuffin [movie review]

This week I got the chance to watch a movie sitting in my Netflix queue for a long time.  It is the Rich Mullins biopic “Ragamuffin”.  This movie is truly inspiring!  It is a real-life Christian movie.  It’s not a Christian movie that tries to look clean and polished around the edges and cater to the Christian crowd.  It’s got swearing, drinking, smoking, and real world dialogue.  Just like Mullins himself, the movie portrays a real person’s real struggles.  The acting, settings, cinematography, and direction are near perfect!  Christian movies like this do not come along often.  WATCH IT!  Rich Mullins convictions and lifestyle choices are truly inspirational and thought provoking.


I had the great opportunity to meet Rich when I was much younger at an in-store appearance as well as a couple times in concert.  One time he came out to play at a summer camp I was attending for like 50 of us kids.  At the time I didn’t know who he was, but I remember the staff acting like it was a really big deal.  It resonated with me during the movie when his producer says ‘you gotta stop going to these small churches and camps’.  Well… I’m glad he did!  I am now a worship leader and perform his songs from time to time.  Watch this movie… NOW!  🙂


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