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Getting excited about 1 puzzle piece


Two intriguing science stories emerged this week that appear to better confirm creationist predictions and defy the traditional evolutionary timeline. 

First, the Smithsonian reported that birds share wrist bones with 4-legged dinosaurs rather than the 2-legged dinosaurs they are said to have evolved from.


The Smithsonian, which must cling to their prior beliefs no matter what evidence emerges, interprets this finding as seeing evolution moving backwards.  They even go to ridicule when they suggest that perhaps someday our tailbone will grow a tail again so we can swing from trees!  How is this science…coming from our nation’s top science institute?

There is serious problems with this backwards evolutionary interpretation.  JoeCoder is a science enthusiast and moderator of the Creation sub on Reddit.  He says:

“A gene surviving for 10s of millions of years free of selection to preserve it is nonsense.  The mutation rate of vertebrates is 2×10-9 per nucleotide per year.  Times 80 million years is 0.16 or about one of 6.  That means that an 80 million year old gene would have about one in 6 nucleotides replaced with random noise.  You’d have a stop codons all over the place!”

The next story was about this miraculous fish that survived under 2,500 feet of ice in Antarctica!


The article focuses on the depth, how the fish was discovered, and how it can survive in such extreme conditions… but fails to miss a glaring inconsistency which is obvious to creationists.  Similar to tree rings, old-earth enthusiasts use ice cores as a dating method to determine the age of ice.  According to a chart by antartcticglaciers.org, 2500 feet (740 meters) of ice equals approximately 50,000 years old.  This fish, and/or its family have survived for over 50,000 years cut off from the rest of the world!  I will leave it up to you to decide how likely that is.  Perhaps a more likely explanation is that the ice of Antarctica has not been there that long being accumulated after the flood (just a few thousand years ago) during the planets one short ice age.

I love watching my evolution-loving buddies go nuts for science stories like this while I sit back and see the amazing truth not being reported.  Confirmations again and again of the truth of God’s word.  I hope someday they can see how much MORE exciting science can be when seen fully.  They see one puzzle piece and say “how cool”, with God you can see the full puzzle completed and stand in awe!


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