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Incest & the Bible


Be forewarned: this is probably the most controversial subject I have ever written about on this blog!

I recently read an article that took issue with the Bible because if we all came from one man & one woman (Adam & Eve), then our race would be the result of inbreeding or incest.  They are claiming that in the beginning men would have had to procreate with sisters or aunts or cousins, etc.  They are right!  One of the most asked questions in creation apologetics is: where did Cain get a wife?  The answer is that he would have had to marry one of his sisters!  Abraham married his half-sister, Moses’ father was married to his aunt, and David’s son Amnon with his half-sister.  BUT… isn’t that incest, and doesn’t God forbid that?  Yes it is incest, and yes God does forbid it… over 2500 years after creation in Leviticus 18.  So that begs the question… why was it okay for the first 2500 years??

To explain that we have to get a little scientific.  What is the reason we cannot inbreed today?  Because we are more likely to pass on mutational errors to our offspring if we mate with those with similar genetics to ours.  We are more likely to avoid or cancel out these errors if we mate with someone more distant than our close relatives.  Would this have applied in the beginning?  No.  In the beginning God created the world perfectly.  Our genetic code was pristine, void of errors.  When the fall happened, everything changed.  Decay became a part of our world.  Mutations began.  Most mutations are deleterious – meaning they break down your genetic code.  As these mutations increased and accumulated, God decided to forbid incest for the safety of our offspring.

Is there any other evidence of this theory of a downward spiral of our genetic integrity?  Yes!  In early Bible times, humans lived upwards of 900 years – today they don’t.  Perhaps this change has to do with our genetic load as well.  Today we have more diseases than ever!  Sure, health care has kicked in to help – and we have more and more medicines and cures to help, but that confirms the point I’m making.  Overall, the human condition is getting worse.  Dr. John Sanford is doing excellent work in an area he calls genetic entropy.  He uses computer simulation models that show that our DNA cannot recover from the continual accumulation of mutational errors.  We are not in some upward evolutionary growth as the secular world would like us to believe.  We are on the path to extinction.  We are making copies of copies of copies, and losing quality with each new generation.

Does the Bible include incest?  Yes.  But with understanding our history and science from a Biblical viewpoint, Christians should see no problem with this in that context.  Technically, we are still all one big family.  The world of science seems so concerned about global warming and the decline of our planet’s resources while the science of genetic entropy is right under their noses.  But they can’t see it through the intense religious infatuation with evolution.  The science and the Biblical account of history are right in line.  The Bible is true.  We have reasons to believe this.  This strengthens our stand of the gospel of Christ, and His second coming to save us from this downward spiral that sin brought into this world.


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2 thoughts on “Incest & the Bible

  1. I am curious; how do you square this away with the Human Genome Project?

    Posted by Arkenaten | February 6, 2015, 6:49 pm
    • It is my understanding that the Human Genome Project was the first scientific confirmation that human beings are one race, which is a very biblical concept. According to evolution, multiple races of humans theoretically could have arisen in different parts of the world at different times from different populations. The Human Genome Project contradicts that and confirms biblical creation in that sense.

      Posted by Tim | February 6, 2015, 7:22 pm

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