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What’s this world coming to?


You ever heard this one?  Whenever there is a crazy catastrophe or wild news story there is inevitably someone who comments “what’s this world coming to”?  We say it today.  I’m sure our parents and their parents said it about their generations.  Although one could easily make the argument that our world is getting increasingly more out of hand, this concept of not understanding why things happen the way they do is nothing new.

Everyone has a worldview – a way in which we see the world and answer the three big questions of life:

1) where did we come from

2) why are we broken

3) how do we fix it.

When someone says “what’s this world coming to”, they are basically restating worldview question 2:  why are we broken?  Why do we do crazy things?  Why are people so selfish??

The first thing we need to do is check our pride.  When we say someone who committed a heinous crime is outrageous, we are basically saying they are worse than us.  Although I can understand how someone reading a story about child abuse would quickly think this… but what have we done?  We’ve judged them.  Of course it is only God’s position to judge.  And thankfully He sees us all the same.

The Bible’s answer to question two is that we ALL suffer from the same disease: SIN.  We’re all in the same boat.  To say that the world’s going crazy, but we’re fine is to grossly minimize our own failures – or worse suggest that there are some sins that are less forgivable.   Again, from a human perspective the “what’s this world coming to” response is natural.

But as Christians we are to put off the natural way of thinking (which is corrupted by pride), and do our best to adopt a Godly perspective.

God loves us all.  He loves the person who murders their child.  He loves the person who decapitates someone.  He loves the person who has an abortion.  He loves gay people.  He loves liberals.  He loves evolutionists.  Get the point?  Why do so many people (Christians included) forget this?  I think it is because we don’t fully understand the nature of sin.

We are quite well versed in the gospel message of salvation – the good news, but not as strongly educated in the bad news.  The effects of the introduction of sin/evil into God’s paradise world is such a vast topic that I could write on it for the rest of my life and barely scratch the surface, but we don’t hear about it very often in our pulpits.  The fall changed EVERYTHING: from biological/physiological effects, to mental/emotional toils, to social/relational degradation, to spiritual consequences.

We ALL suffer from the same diagnosis: a sin disorder that results in death.

Perhaps we don’t hear about the bad news as much because the topic of sin itself is becoming more and more controversial.  Some churches embrace the concept that there was no original sin, that Adam & Eve is a metaphorical story.  The consequence of that belief system has manifested itself today in a society that doesn’t understand all the brokenness around them and more importantly inside themselves.  We live in a society that embraces being better than your neighbor.  What a false and dangerous theology!

Without a literal understanding of Adam & Eve and the fall, our religion becomes like every other one in the world: based on our own good works, and questioning God when things go wrong.  If the fall really did happen as described in Genesis, then we understand why bad things happen and that God is not to blame.  A Christian who understands these things properly does not react with “what’s this world coming to” because we know why these things happen, and we also know the answer – and how it is dealt with in the end…. and who wins!


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