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Matthew 10:14 response to YEC critic


Over the last few years I have had several exchanges with a rather infamous YEC-opposer who I will not name out of respect.  Today I wrote him this letter letting him know my reasoning for ceasing communication with him.  Although I am sure many YECs and YEC organizations have long banned him for his manipulative actions, I held out hope (and still do) because I knew more of his personal situation.  I post this letter here to give another example of how to properly address those who vehemently oppose us.


I am writing this to let you know that this will probably be our last communication.  At times it has been a pleasure dialoging with you and at other times it has been disturbing.  In the beginning I was shocked to see your mass emails.  They seemed wildly inappropriate and often times derogatory.  You came across as a disgruntled armchair science enthusiast on a mission rather than a genuinely interested learner in search of an educated discussion of ideas. 

Over the years we have had sincere exchanges, but the majority was non-productive.  I truly feel for your physical and mental issues that confine you.  Learning of those helped me understand how you have so much time available for your mission.  I realize that you, like many other agnostics or atheists, lost hope in the idea of a God because of the deterioration you saw in your own life as well as those around you or the world in general.  In your mind, if there is a God, then He is horrible for the suffering he allows in the world.  That is why I continued communication with you for so long.  I hoped you would see the truth of young-earth creation. 

Christianity in general, outside of YEC, cannot properly answer your accusations towards God.  In an old-earth, evolutionary Christianity – God is the author of suffering, pain, disease, mental illness, and death long before man even comes on the scene.  I too would blame God!  Biblical creation paints a 100% different picture.  God is not to blame.  Man is.  We broke His perfect creation he entrusted to us.  We now all suffer cause of that.  I think you know this.  That is why you fight it!  No one wants to blame themselves.  It is always easier to blame someone else.

Let me be clear though – you are not suffering necessarily because of your own sinfulness.  You are suffering because we live in a world full of sinfulness that has accumulated deteriorations for thousands of years and a world that has been handed over to Satan.  When you see it from that perspective, then you know the answer.  You know the good news.  You know the redemption.  But that good news didn’t hold up to you because you couldn’t reconcile the suffering with this concept of a good God. 

Yes, you didn’t want to do what you felt was compromising on science issues, but really that was a side matter.  You had already decided there was no God out there because of your suffering.  I am done debating YEC with you.  You’ve heard the arguments and of course they are not convincing when you are not even open to the concept of God.  I truly do care for you, but the Bible also tells me to dust my heels off and move on with those who will not listen.  I will let you know that when you are truly ready and willing to honestly and openly explore this topic again, I am here for you.

I sincerely am sorry for your suffering.  I can’t imagine what you go through.  But I do know the healer, that no matter our situations we find ourselves in – offers perfect peace.  He never says all things will be great this side of eternity, just that we can have eternal peace beginning now.  I know you are angry.  I will continue praying for you my friend.  Take care. 


If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.”  –  Matthew 10:14 (NIV)

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5 thoughts on “Matthew 10:14 response to YEC critic

  1. You wrote that clearly and made essential points that the individual in question or others reading this should comprehend. As we have agreed before, sometimes you need to draw the line. This person’s spamming and stalking of others and me has been amazing, and I’ve been accused of some interesting things (such as disallowing comments on my Weblog because of him, but they were shut down before he found them). There have been others that I have had to put on the ignore list, since they drain time and resources when I could be doing R & R (research and riting). We have scriptural precedent for shaking the dust off our feet.

    Posted by Question Evol Proj (@PiltdownSupermn) | August 15, 2014, 5:53 pm
  2. PS — Yes, he is on several instant deletion lists from creation science ministries as well as individuals.

    Posted by Question Evol Proj (@PiltdownSupermn) | August 15, 2014, 5:56 pm
  3. Your blog entry struck me in two ways:

    A) I admit that when I saw “YEC critic”, at first I thought it was about another Young Earth Creationist<== who was criticizing you! 🙂 But then I realized you probably meant the other use of the acronym: Young Earth Creationism<==.

    B) Once my mind was in forward gear, I could think about your handling of this person in a very Biblical way. I was glad to see that you used an entirely approach of saying that further discussion would not be fruitful. But I was especially glad to see that you treated the person compassionately by recognizing his very real suffering. I wish I saw that more often. I've seen a lot of Christian blogs and forums where the atheist-bashing is just as common as the Christian-bashing and one sees little difference between the two. Lots of atheists are hurting people and some studies indicate high suicide rates. But regardless, they are people and people have many basic needs and problems in common.

    So I'm glad you shared it publicly and not just in a private email.

    Posted by Rock Miller | October 5, 2014, 11:11 pm
  4. I have been reading a lot of blog pages written by Dr. Todd Wood, who has rapidly become my favorite creation scientist. Why do I like him? He brings so much honesty and candor to the debate. He resolutely stands on a young earth reading of Genesis. Not only does he have one of the few Ph.D.s in a relevant field of science among the creationists I’ve been reading, he seems the most willing to distinguish between good arguments and evidence versus the bad arguments. He also does the same with Hugh Ross’ arguments as an old earth creationist and with the mainstream arguments for evolution. So many creationists act like there is zero evidence for an old earth, and zero evidence for evolution. But I like that Dr. Wood says, “If there was truly zero evidence, there would be no debate.” He even goes on to say that there is very strong evidence for evolution and we as Christians should be honest enough to admit it. And then he explains why he weighs both sides and rejects old earth arguments. He does it so respectfully, just like the professional scholar that he is. That appeals to me.

    It seems to me that we need to see more of people like Dr. Wood as the voice of Bible-defending Christians. Not only because of his gracious attitude, but his candor in admitting that we as creationists do a poor job of separating good arguments from bad arguments. I know that there is a lot of hesitance among Christians to say anything negative about another Christian. But we are told to judge all things. And when a Christian decides to be in the public eye and both Christians and non-Christians what they should believe and not believe, and even debate people on camera, I feel like it is entirely Biblical for other Christians to speak out on what is and isn’t Biblical as well as is and isn’t logical or scientifically valid.

    And that leads me to wonder if we as Christians should be more vocal about those who claims to represent Christ but say lots of ridiculous and even embarrassing things, to us as Christians anyway. An obvious example is Kent “Dr. Dino” Hovind. Many people see his views as the Christian view of Genesis and many other topics. But I rarely heard Christians publicly distancing themselves from his claims and even his dangerous advice about not paying taxes, for example. As so often happens, the Church at large failed to deal with him but the unsaved world did, and both he and his wife went to prison for serial lying and tax evasion. I compare him with Dr. Wood and I’d much rather see Dr. Wood be what non-Christians think of when they think of Christian views on Genesis. But a Christian doesn’t have to be a criminal fraud to embarrass us. Some of the creation related videos and even movies which we’ve been seeing of late are just as embarrassing. (I don’t think I have to name them.) So how do we draw the line and when do we speak out? All too often, the least qualified and least Christ-like step into public notice and declare what a Christian should think and do. It happens with TV preachers and those famous for writing best-selling books but for now I’m speaking of the most famous dozen or so creation ministry figures. When do we speak out about poorly qualified people, both in regards to qualifications and knowledge as well as spiritual maturity, work so hard to make Christians and the Bible itself look silly?

    I thought about this much more after learning about the atheist-oriented Encyclopedia of American Loons. As much as I hate to admit it, some of the Christians genuinely earned a place in that infamous list and are great embarrassments and potential impediments to the Great Commission. As one blogger said “Some are not fools for Christ because of the foolishness of the cross. No, some are genuine fools as described by the Book of Proverbs.”

    I’ve not named additional people or specific videos and movies because my question is not asking for a one by one critique of good and bad creationists or any other kind of Christian. I’m asking if we should do more to speak out on those who definitely cross lines and harm our credibility as disciples of Jesus and misrepresent the Bible and even the Gospel itself. For example, someone who says “You can’t be a Christian and believe in an old earth” is preaching the “another gospel” which the Apostle Paul declared accursed. Do you agree? Such a person is obviously wrong but if that person continues to publicly proclaim that, and private exhortation does not work, aren’t we obligated to speak out?

    That is just one kind of example, of course. Some teachings are just crazy and foolish, but not necessarily adding to the Gospel. Do we publicly rebuke those?

    I’m hoping this is a topic which you and many others could provide perspective.

    Posted by Rock Miller | October 5, 2014, 11:24 pm

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