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Let’s just focus on Christ… but what Christ??


Often times when I talk about creation issues with someone, I hear this statement: “why don’t we just focus on Christ?”  The statement is saying that these “fringe” topics are too divisive when we need to be unifying around the gospel message.  While they are correct that the gospel message is critical to salvation, they may be missing the idea that some of us want to grow more in our faith pass the act of salvation… and challenge others to do the same.

First of all, the story of Christ is not regulated to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; or even to the New Testament.  Christ is the creator.  One could make an argument that to deny his creative act in Genesis 1 is to deny His power.  Do you really have faith in the true Christ or in a Christ of your own picking and choosing?  Again… regardless, salvation is not contingent upon your view of origins, but we are NOT called to accept Christ and sit back in our recliners and wait to die.  We are to become disciples.  We are to study the word, and continue to grow.  We are to develop a defense of our faith.

Young people who have accepted Christ are leaving the church in droves normally in their later high school years or college.  Why?  Because they do not have the answers when faced with a secular society’s challenging questions.  This is why ministries like mine exist: to equip believers with answers and more importantly the confidence to stand on the authority of the word of God from the very first verse through to the last; to live a life free of compromise; to honor God.

Atheists don’t care if a Christian focuses solely on Christ, or compromises Genesis with man’s philosophies because that is no threat to them.  But when a Christian stands up for and defends a literal creation/fall/flood/young earth – they go crazy!  I don’t know about you, but I want to be the kind of Christian that makes atheists take a second look.  Sure they may be mocking, but your words still remain.  The next time they think of the excuses they use to not believe, they will be reminded of your defense whether or not they accept it.  It cannot be unheard.

In this world we will have trouble, and will be hated… if this is not you – you are probably doing something wrong.  Stand strong and firm.


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3 thoughts on “Let’s just focus on Christ… but what Christ??

  1. This agnostic and former evangelical Christian (never a creationist) is not threatened by young Earth dogma but provoked by it since it has no basis in science (doubtless you think otherwise).

    Posted by Ashley Haworth-roberts | July 2, 2014, 6:45 pm
  2. I’ll keep an eye out.

    Posted by Ashley Haworth-roberts | July 2, 2014, 7:00 pm

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