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Debate 1: atheism vs. young-earth creation


gracewithsalt.com ‘s Tim discusses various topics of Christianity with the atheist (or agnostic) known as xxrr23 (youtube.com/user/xxrr23).

This was done originally as a Google Hangout but the video was not captured.  Audio was captured on both ends and edited together later to make the best possible audio.  That is why you still hear some background noises.  Next time we will try and do a full video Google Hangout to watch.  We certainly didn’t do this as a formal debate, but more of an open discussion.  Therefore topics jump around a bit.

Check out below for the various topics:

0:00 Introductions

03:49 Discussion of xxrr23’s video: “RE: Proof of God in 3 Easy Steps”

18:48 Discussion of InspiringPhilosopy’s video: “Why no one believe in naturalism/atheism”

31:09 Intro to young-earth creation

34:43 Starting assumptions

48:07 Why is creationism important

1:04:09 Incest and de-evolution

1:07:06 The world according to the Hebrews

1:09:29 Why is Genesis not compatible with evolution

1:14:57 Tree rings

1:28:40 Geology

1:37:45 Interpretations

1:56:30 more on tree rings

2:06:35 Ending

For more information: www.gracewithsalt.com or youtube.com/user/xxrr23.

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