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Angry email exchange


I recently received a surprising email from a person I used to debate on Reddit a while back.  The email wasn’t necessarily surprising due to the length of time it had been, but also the content.  We had a couple exchanges.  I decided to share it with you and let you decide what is happening in the heart of this unbeliever that would draw him back to me after a bit of time.  Of course I will conceal his identity out of respect.






I have to admit, I think of you occasionally. Science magazines, blogs and forums make up a large portion of my recreational reading. Whenever I see new studies or discoveries that further deteriorate the laughable YEC position I wonder if you’re still at it. I try to imagine what hoops you might be jumping through. Well, I took a moment to look you up, and lo and behold, you’re still at it. I can’t do anything other than smirk and shake my head. I keep thinking that someday the cognitive dissonance will be too much and you’ll realize that you can’t explain away all of the contradictions. I guess for now, the mental gymnastics you do haven’t hit home. Oh well, it only strengthens the research….people really are incapable of changing their mind. 

As a man, I’m disappointed in you. As a father, saddened by you. But most importantly, as a human, I’m embarrassed by you.

Whenever I encounter someone so young, I’m always surprised when they admit how little they know. The entire world’s libraries are available 24/7. You could get a Harvard equivalent education for the price of a library card if you wanted to. And instead you’ve stuffed your thumb up your ass and called it apple pie. What a waste. What a farce.

Ignorance isn’t just what you don’t learn, it’s also what you won’t learn.

Here’s to hoping you read more than one book in your life.






I think I remember you.  From Reddit, right?  I’m not on there too much anymore due to my job now – but I do miss it.  I would love to have further discussion with you, but it seems you were merely on a mission to ridicule me.  I don’t seem to understand the point in that.  I am basically a stranger somewhere out in the world that has no effect on you personally – yet you felt the need to seek me out and mock me.  Who does that?

I have seen no new facts that contradict my YEC beliefs.  Sure, I’ve read several interpretations of the facts that do not agree – but those aren’t enough for me to drop it.  I recently discovered this from LiveScience (http://www.livescience.com/21491-what-is-a-scientific-theory-definition-of-theory.html) – ““In the scientific method, there is a clear distinction between facts, which can be observed and/or measured, and theories, which are scientists’ explanations and interpretations of the facts.”  I think you mistake interpretations for facts.  Creationists and evolutionists both have interpretations – but neither cancel out the other.  You can’t prove anything through interpretation.  If you feel there is a FACT I’ve missed, feel free to share.

In conclusion I would like to point out that in your email you neither once mentioned one piece of evidence for evolution.  I find that baffling.  If it so obvious, why do most people that contact me not enlighten me?  You are practicing the age-old fallacy of ad hominem – attacking the person, rather than the subject.  You know nothing about me yet add that I’ve not read more than one book in my life.  I have a masters degree in psychology – do you have any idea how many books it takes to get to that point of education?  And yes, evolution was throughout much of the material… but just because it’s written in a book doesn’t make it fact over interpretation.  I am thankful that I have a mind that can comprehend the difference and I pray that you will come to see that in time.

Let me leave you with a follow-up article by a PhD astrophysicist (who just happens to be a creationist) on why this debate falls apart:  http://www.jasonlisle.com/2012/08/03/arbitrariness-and-inconsistency-the-opposites-of-rationality/  Good luck friend!





Nope. No ridicule. Just strong words. And why you? Because you’re promoting your mythology and it hurts society. 

A 15 second search shows news articles from around the world that destroy your delusion.

From geology to biology to simple physics each blow more crushing than the next. You know how your fellow Christians pick and choose the parts of the bible they like and discard the rest? It’s frustrating because you can see the cognitive dissonance. You’re doing the same thing with science. You pick and choose, ignoring what you don’t like. You say one thing and do another. We have a word for in English for someone who does this. Hypocrite.

Read the second half of this quote again.

Ignorance isn’t just won’t you don’t learn, it’s also what you won’t learn.

Please don’t have children. 






I think a big difference between myself and other armchair scientists is that most people will read those news articles and automatically like trained robots believe every word since it came from an authority above themselves.  I accept an authority above that authority though.  Therefore I have a standard by which to compare the claims in each of those articles. 

In fact I’ve started a comparison chart for people like yourself to see how creationists view modern scientific articles (https://gracesalt.wordpress.com/2013/11/15/creation-science-chart/).  It is a work in progress.  I will be updating it more in the future.

I have four children who love me and love life, see purpose in their future, and love science because of creation… but thanks for the concern.


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5 thoughts on “Angry email exchange

  1. I’ve emailed some creationists I’ve discussed things with in the past (I even sent you one recently). Mostly I do it because I’m interested in trying to learn and figure out if there are any flaws in my reasoning, so I seek out the opinions of people who disagree. Clearly this guy has very different intentions, he isn’t even trying to have a dialogue! I just hope you don’t wind up judging us all based on him.

    Posted by Adam Benton | December 5, 2013, 10:51 pm
  2. Y’all got good points but if I may interject…the problem I see with creationism is slowing down important research and scientific discoveries. If there weren’t any creationists, I think we would be living in the “future”, you know, flying cars, shiny suits, all the while we live on mars and all that. That may be overstating it, but I think it has seriously slowed down advancements that we could benefit off of, maybe even a cure for cancer, for example. (Then again, our capitalist government would never allow a cure. The oncology department pays big money!)

    But seriously, the thing he was saying about children isn’t that you wouldn’t love them, or them you, it was the eventual melting of their brains with hogwash for them to carry on and hurt others with…like a virus.

    Posted by Dave | December 6, 2013, 12:18 am

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