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Evolution and Logical Fallacies


The following examples of logical fallacies and how they relate to the creation/evolution debate are selections from the Answers in Genesis DVD “Evolution and Logical Fallacies” by Dr. Jason Lisle (2009).  The 54-minute DVD offers many more examples/explanations and is highly recommended.

EQUIVOCATION – (shifting the meaning of a word – “bait and switch”)

“I know evolution (molecules-to-man) is true because we see evolution (dogs changing breeds) happening all the time.”

“You believe in science, don’t you?  Well, evolution is science.  So you should believe in evolution.”

REIFICATION – (attribute concrete characteristics to an abstraction)

“Evolution figured out a way around these problems.”

“The evidence speaks for itself.”

“Science is atheistic in its outlook and procedures.”  (science has no beliefs about God one way or the other, it is a tool)

“Science says….”  (science says nothing, it is a tool)

BIFURCATION – (falsley assuming their are only two options – “either or”)

“I don’t live by faith, I’m rational.”

“I don’t accept the Bible because I believe in science.”

BEGGING THE QUESTION  – (conclusion is in the premise – “circular reasoning”, arbitrary)

“We know evolution is true because it is a scientific fact.”

“Supernatural miracles cannot happen because they violate the laws of nature.”

The old earth creationist assumes the Bible should not be read literally to prove the Bible should not be read literally.

QUESTION-BEGGING EPHITHET:  “I pray you’ll have an epiphany and stop misleading people to believe in nonsense.”

COMPLEX QUESTION:  “Why are you creationists against science?”

 “Which of the two contradictory stories in Genesis do you accept?”

NO TRUE SCOTSMAN – (defining a term in a biased way)

“No real scientist believes that God created in six days.”

“No reputable journal would accept a creationist paper.”

AD HOMINEM – (attack person rather than the argument, may be true but arbitrary)

“You’re just a Christian because you were brought up in a Christian family.”

STRAW-MAN FALLACY – (arguing against a misrepresentation of the position)

“Creationists believe that God created all the animals as we see them today, but some breeds of dogs are known to be quite recent.”

“Creationists claim that you need to believe in 6-days to be saved, but the Bible doesn’t teach that.”

APPEAL TO MAJORITY – (relying on the beliefs of the majority rather than investigating it yourself)

“Evolution must be true, because how could all those scientists be wrong?”



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