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Doesn’t the ice age invalidate a young-earth view?


The question today is:  does the ice age obliterate a Biblical timeline of only 6000 years of earth’s history OR does it help confirm it?

Mainstream science describes multiple ice ages throughout earth’s history normally taking long times to form and dissipate lasting millions of years.  At first glance this seems to be the end for a young-earth creationist, right?  Wrong.  Of course creationists already understand the incorrect assumptions behind the dating methods used to determine dates of the ice age, but even given that – where and how does the ice age fit into the Biblical history?

The ice age is not mentioned specifically in the Bible, but it is easy for one to deduce that for the earth to undergo a massive icing, something very major geologically would have had to occur.  What is the biggest geologic event outside of creation?  The flood.

In the account of the flood we are told how the “fountains of the great deep burst forth”.  Those who have studied plate tectonics and volcanism understand that our earth is cracked all over the place.  Creationists can easily envision how the flood and these fountains of the great deep bursting forth can be translated into massive earthquake, tsunami, and volcanic activity all over the planet.

During the 1980 explosion of Mt. St. Helens, ash was recorded in various locations all over the world from one instance.  Now imagine tens, hundreds, possibly thousands of volcanoes going off all over the world at the same time!  What would that do?  Some creationists have postulated that it would create a giant ash cloud that permeates the atmosphere effectively blotting out a good percentage of the sun’s rays.  This lack of sunlight following the flood is what would have created an ice age.

As the world cools, men are forced to hide from the elements in caves… and you have cavemen.  Perhaps even during this time their internal/external features adapted to the new living conditions… and you have neanderthals.  A single ice age, possibly lasting hundreds of years is exactly what we would predict following a worldwide flood!  An ice age actually helps prove that the world was covered in water like the Bible claims.

In fact, if certain parts of the oceans froze during this ice age it creates a perfect explanation as to how certain types of animals got to remote locations like Australia following the flood.  The ice age does not hinder a young-earth creation worldview.  It makes perfect sense.



Our skeptics will be quick to point out that the Bible does not mention the ice age, neanderthals, or “volcanic activity” during the flood.  They will point their finger that this is pure speculation and interpretation.  We openly admit that… they do not.  All historical science is speculation and interpretation based on left-behind evidence.  It is all ad-hoc explanation based on starting assumptions.

Our starting assumptions:  the Biblical history timeline is true, the ice age happened.  Now we have used our best deductions to determine where in the Biblical timeline that occurred.


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One thought on “Doesn’t the ice age invalidate a young-earth view?

  1. > As the world cools, men are forced to hide from the elements in caves… and you have cavemen.

    Sure, but I don’t think you need a special explanation for why people lived in caves. Thousands still do today. And Gen 23:30 describes burial in caves. Remains outside of caves are both less likely to have survived and less likely to be found since digging is required.

    Posted by joecoder7 | April 12, 2013, 8:32 pm

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