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Paradise Lost


I believe many Christians have not taken much time to consider what the original creation may have been like versus the world we see today.  I think that often times Christians and skeptics alike blame God for the conditions in the world today while either forgetting or purposely ignoring what the Bible has to say about the state of the original creation.  I do not believe that God gave us a broken, sin-filled world full of death and suffering.  I believe the Bible describes a perfect creation as only God could make.

If God were to design a car for you, do you believe He would have the power to make a perfect car free of defects?  Perhaps the driver could run the car into the ground with misuse, but God could restore the car, correct?  Keep in mind that God sat back at the end of his creative week and declared it “very good”.  Do you think a perfect God declares things such as cancer, disease, pain, suffering, mental disorders, and death “very good”?  There is something wrong with these things.  We all sense that.  It does not feel natural to lose a loved one … and it shouldn’t.

So, these things are here today.  What happened?  We drove the car into the ground.  When sin entered this world and we embraced it, God left our immediate presence, and cursed the ground.  It is logical to place the onset of all decay at this point in history.  When Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden they were able to eat of the Tree of Life.  Hence the name, this tree sustained their life.  When they were banished from the Garden, and the tree blocked off – the process of death began.  God told them if they ate the other fruit they would “surely die”.  But they didn’t die immediately, did they?  Nevertheless, I believe they began to feel the consequence of their action as their bodies changed from the perfect state into a new world of decay.  This idea can be corroborated by the concept of the early humans living hundreds-of-years lifespans.  As diseases and other degenerations accumulated in society, lifespans decreased.

We have inherited that world, now through thousands of years of mutations and degenerations.  In other words, the world we live in today probably resembles the original creation very little.  We have little to no idea how wonderful the original creation would have been.  So, does that mean we are on our own?  Not at all, but it seems that God’s plan changed.  It seems as if originally His plan was to commune with us in person here on Earth, but now he offers a new plan: to restore us to that perfect world, but this time in a spiritual version in heaven.  Choosing Jesus Christ’s salvation offers us a lifeline out of this broken world.

Imaging the original creation is exciting and inspiring, as it allows us a little vision in what we have to look forward to in the afterlife.  Although we know very little about the original creation, it is logical to assume that since there was no death, there would have been no carnivory.  This concept is corroborated in Genesis 1: 29-30 where God gives “all the green plants for food” to both the people and animals.  Perhaps animals developed and adapted to have sharp teeth after the fall due to the onset of a decaying world and the need for self-survival.

I think we all too often try to judge the past by today’s standards.  You see that with evolution.  One key assumption of evolution is that “the present is the key to the past”.  Since we can’t actually observe the ancient past, we have to determine what may have happened then by what we see happening today.  But if the Bible’s historical accounts are accurate, Christians should have reason to dispute that assumption.  The original creation was nothing like what we see today, and therefore making theories about that based on today’s world is fallacious.

There were no thorns or thistles.  Man and animal lived in harmony – remember the verse about the lion and the lamb lying down together?  There was no death.  There was no debilitating diseases, mental disorders, allergies.  My God doesn’t create a broken world.  I have to be honest with myself and admit that the Bible teaches that we humans are the responsible party for the state we find ourselves in today.  Does that mean your Grandma’s sin gave her cancer?  No, not at all.  Her cancer is the unfortunate side-effect of thousands of years of accumulated degenerations in our original code.   Think about it – natural selection is a selective process, not a creative process.  Therefore real science confirms that we are actually losing abilities (see genetic entropy).  Her cancer is a reminder that Satan owns this world, but God offers her a lifeline out of it.

The Bible teaches that the first humans were not grunting, stupid cavemen like the commercials portray, but a wise people capable of building entire cities, sophisticated musical instruments, and even massive sea vessels!   Perhaps we are actually less intelligent today.  We are barraged with theories from the world about what early humans and the world was like.  We need to practice taking every thought captive to Christ and his word on the matter.  Jesus held the scriptures in high accord and went to them anytime he was questioned on anything.  We should do the same.

The original creation is a fascinating topic to ponder.  Paradise lost!  The main takeaway is that we now live in a much different world.  Do not let people sway your opinion of scripture based on theories that pretend that the world has always operated the same way.  If you’ve ever blamed God for the broken world we’ve inherited, re-route that anger to its proper place: Satan, and accept God’s lifeline out of this world.


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