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A Changed Life?


My pastor recently challenged our congregation that if your life is not different than before you were a Christian, you might not actually be one.  The Bible constantly talks about Christians being at odds with the world.  Would you describe yourself like that?  I realize there are different levels of commitment to Christ that we are all on in our journey, but He calls for our all!  Personally I struggled with that thought for a long time.  I think I was more than just a “Sunday Christian”, but I was definitely not committed in EVERY area of my life.  I’m possibly still not, but more committed all the time.  I think our churches do not do enough to encourage complete surrender to God.  Consider these few areas: 

  • Finances
  • Hobbies
  • Entertainment (media)
  • Damaged relationships
  • Education  (science)
  • Career

How much do your churches preach reformation in your commitment to God in these somewhat touchy areas?  On this blog (and in life in general) I run into a lot of people who call themselves Christians but are obviously just continuing on with their lives as nothing has really occurred.  Again I realize that we are all at different points in our lives, but I think the point of all this is complacency. 

We need to be concerned with complacent Christians who have become comfortable in their partial submission.  First of all they are missing out on A LOT.  Second, Christ commands their fullness.  Third, many times they are actually harming the name of Christianity by promoting unbiblical stances in the name of the Lord  (they probably don’t even realize they do this). 

People are trained from birth to look out for number one, do what feels right, seek out social acceptance, be open-minded, to keep up with the times, to earn the most money, and much more.  Each one of these things is in violation of Biblical principles. 

If I’m on the right track with God I will be looking out for others more than myself, I will be doing what is right verses what feels right or others say is right, I will have no care as to what others think or say about me, I will know the one truth by which I must judge ALL other sources of information, I won’t be swayed with current opinion on matters whatsoever, I will trust God to supply whatever I need financially as long as I follow his lead in my career choices and tithing-wise.

Of course there is much more to this topic, but what are your thoughts?  Again I used to feel confused on this area, but I am so thankful that I’ve decided to commit fully.  I pray our churches promote full surrender more boldly.  If you’ve know me from my prior posts, you know I’m controversial in my posts here.  I believe that is my evidence of a changed person.  Someone fully committed no matter what the world says.  Although I’ve had my run-ins with some of you, I wish you all luck and love on your journey of faith.  Any opportunity you get where you have to choose the world or Christ – choose Christ, and trust that He will work you through it.


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