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“It hated me first.”

I am a conservative.  I am a republican.  I am a Christian based on an informed-faith versus a blind faith.  I believe the Bible is 100% true and non-contradictory from cover to cover, and best read as literal history.  I do not believe we descended from a common ancestor, and I believe that position is 100% scientifically accurate.  I believe the world and universe are thousands of years old, not billions.  I believe the act of homosexuality is sinful, but that it is no reason to not respect or love anyone.  I believe we all sin. I do not believe in “good” or “bad” people, I believe in “saved” and “unsaved” people.  I believe God loves all!  I believe in a worldwide flood approximately 4500 years ago that is to credit for the majority of the fossil record and geologic events we observe today.  I do not believe our focus should be on this life, but the grander eternal life.  I believe both Heaven and Hell are very real places; angels and demons are very real entities around us every day.   I believe abortion (at any age) is murder.  I believe the state of the church today greatly confuses Jesus, although there is a lot of good going on – organized religion is mostly a laughing stock.  I believe that we are moving rapidly toward the end times (if not already there). I believe this country was founded on Christian principles that permeate the writings of the founding fathers.  I believe the separation of church and state was developed to protect the free and public expression of religion verses the modern interpretation that is the opposite.  I believe dinosaurs co-existed with man, were more than likely on the ark, are described in the Bible and legends around the world as dragons, were hunted down and exterminated by man.  I believe in maintaining a household as free of worldly influence as possible.  I believe a person who is truly living for Christ will sacrifice their normal pleasures and replace those with service to God and others; that person will not ask “how far is too far” or “can I do this and still be a Christian”.  I believe the Christian lifestyle is a journey, not a destination.  I believe that loving one another is our number one priority, but that does not mean we do not have the authority to call others out when they are in the wrong.  I believe calling one another out according to the scriptures may be the most truthful form of love there is.   I am hated.


“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.”  –  Jesus  (John 15:18)



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