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MYTHBUSTED: YECs can’t do “real” science!

It is often recited that those who believe in young earth creationism cannot do “real” science.  I wonder what they would say about the creator of the MRI machine Raymond Damadian, a YEC.  I wonder what they would say about YEC John Sanford, creator of the gene gun used in modern food production.  Or how about the following biologists:  Dr. Ken Cumming, Dr. David DeWitt, Dr. Carl Fliermans, Dr. D.B. Gower, and hundreds more!  These are all well studied, hardworking, peer-reviewed, well published scientists who happen to be YECs.

So, how is this possible if YECs do not understand science or the scientific method?  I think this is because they are not willing to separate sciences that deal with direct observation with sciences that deal with interpreting past events. The very fact that YEC scientists can make worthwhile discoveries and impact on science proves there is two different types of science occurring here. Since the past is gone, we are forced to interpret left over evidence. Creationists and evolutionists have the same left over evidence, different interpretations of it, based on two different sets of starting assumptions.

Evolutionists, without probably even realizing it (or very rarely admitting it) use two fundamental assumptions when interpreting past events:  assume that the natural world is all there is (materialism), and that things operated in the past the same that they do today (uniformitarianism). Those two assumptions are critical for our dating methods to be accurate, yet both are unverifiable. Therefore dating science will always be assumptive and therefore interpretive, not “proven”. Accurate, only if the starting assumptions are correct.

Those assumptions are no longer necessary when it comes to sciences that use direct observation, such as the invention of the MRI.  File this under arguments evolutionists should not use.  Creationists can and do perform credible, peer-reviewed science.  Remember that each time you eat food, because YEC scientist John Sanford’s gene gun played a role in its creation.  Apparently YECs can understand and do real science!  The problem is for an evolutionist to admit this means also admitting that there is a real difference between observational and historical science, something they are not willing to budge on.


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5 thoughts on “MYTHBUSTED: YECs can’t do “real” science!

  1. “Therefore dating science will always be assumptive and therefore interpretive, not ‘proven'”

    eHarmony may not react kindly to these words 😛

    Also, Sanford didn’t invent food (I know that’s not what you meant). Rather the gene gun process was used to create most of the GM food, which is hard to avoid in the typical American diet.

    Posted by joecoder7 | July 7, 2012, 12:51 am
  2. You given proof and fact, but unfortunately it won’t be accepted by evolutionist because they choose to believe in a THEORY that has yet to be proven…that is why it is still called the “Theory of Evolution”. Even the public schools still teach that a theory is just a thought that still needs to be proven so it is only hypothetical. And they call creation scientist crazy.

    Posted by forhisgloryandpraise | July 9, 2012, 12:59 am
    • Hey thanks for the comment! Although technically I agree with your comment, do be careful. “Theory” in everyday language means something VERY different than when used in a scientific setting. A scientific theory is basically all but proven, because technically NOTHING in science is proven, therefore they can’t say that other than for the laws that govern the universe. Everything else will forever remain theoretical. Just be careful when you use that argument/comeback because it’s possible for that response to show a lack of understanding of how science works. But keep up the fight. Just wanted to encourage you, that we have much better arguments!

      Posted by Tim | July 9, 2012, 2:06 am


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