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What about Natural Selection?

Biblical creationists believe in natural selection.  They should.  It is observed in the world.  We can see it every day in action.  Natural selection is the mechanism by which certain genes are selected and mutated, destroyed, or copied.  This is due to the needs of the natural world around them, or errors. 

This process is completely explained Biblically.  In the beginning man was created perfectly.  This is evident in God’s declaration at the end of creation that everything was “very good”, and His instructions to only eat plants.  God said that after sinning, man would die.  Death is the result of disobedience to God.  Now, Adam and Eve didn’t die that day – the process of death began.  Their bodies, and offspring began this process that we still observe today of mutating mistakes.  This process has compiled for thousands of years now.  This is a reason why man does not live for hundreds of years anymore.  It’s also the cause of diseases and allergies.  When viewed this way, natural selection seems to tell a completly different story:  degredation, instead of the much needed increase in genetic information necessary to change pond scum into a man (even over millions of years). 

Natural selection, although the mechanism for this declining in the human body, also plays a wonderful role in the animal kingdom allowing animal kinds to adapt to their environment.  For example, bears migrate to colder regions and adapted to those climates.  We now call them polar bears.  Predatory animals such as the coyote are part of the dog kind and have since adapted to cuddly pals we call “man’s best friend”.  We see evidence of this variation amongst kinds with inter-breeding amongst dogs.  In fact, this same process of variation is evident in the human race.  We are all different shades of brown.  There is no white and black.  The Human Genome Project agrees we are all one race with different shades based the heritage of our past adaptation to our environment.

Natural selection is observed.  What is not observed is large-scale changes.  The obvious evolutionist answer to this is that small changes add up to large changes given long lengths of time and they cannot be separated like a shade variation on a color wheel.  The shades slowly change to another.  I understand the logic.  The Bible tells us that all the animals and first two people were created in one day.  The Bible tells us to multiply after our own kinds. 

Creationists and evolutionists usually have a problem at this point in conversations because we start using two different definitions of the word “species”.  I believe God created “kinds” of animals. For example, the dog kind – which can include wolves, coyotes, and german shepherds. It’s closer to the “family” status on the scientific classifications. I don’t believe that the variation can compound pass that God initiated barrier.

A follow up question then is:  what mechanism prevents these changes from compiling?  Answer:  design. What stops a PC from turning into a Mac? A PC has lots of variation abilities built in, but cannot change into a mac without a designer making it so.

Large scale evolution is assumed based on modern-day changes we call natural selection.  Creationists agree with natural selection, but see no contradiction in the observed evidence with God’s revelations to us in the Bible.  Real science confirms the scriptures over and over again.



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