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Which part is real science and which is imagination?

Let’s play which part is real science and which part is imagination?

Read this article –

Here’s the synopsis-
Scientists have discovered fossils of several large fleas measuring about inch-long that are thought to have fed on feathered dinosaurs back in the Jurassic period.

Which part is real (observed) science?
Fleas were larger in the past.

Which part is imagination?
The fleas fed on feathered dinosaurs.
This is pure imagination.  Zero evidence to support that claim.  No way to verify it.

Based on this experiment is the headline “Inch Long Jurassic Fleas slurped feathered dinosaur blood” deceptive?  YES!

The general population believes these things are true little by little based on deceptive media and imaginative scientist’s sensationalism as shown in this experiment.  It’s not based on facts or observations, merely interpretations and speculation.  That is NOT science.



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