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Christians should NOT hate gay people!

Christians should NOT hate gay people.  Christians should not hate ANYONE!  The Christians I know do not hate gay people.  I do not hate gay people.  Do I believe they are continuing in sin by entertaining that lifestyle?  Yes.  Do I believe everyone is entertaining some form of sin?  YES!  But I don’t hate everyone.  I hate the sin.  I hate my sin. 

It is not right for a Christian to support gay marriage.  That does not mean they have to become an outspoken advocate against it, but they need to know where they stand.  It is a VERY hard argument to say that the Bible supports homosexuality.  It is pretty clear that it doesn’t, and to conclude any other way you have to literally re-write the scriptures to your liking.  I don’t think our opinions should have an influence on what the Bible says.  The Bible should form our opinions.

Let me be clear, being gay is no more of a sin than lying, stealing, cheating, or divorcing.  As a Christian, we should be against ALL those things.  I believe marriage was created in the Garden of Eden by God, and later confirmed by Jesus himself as being between a man and a woman.  To me, this seems to be obvious.  You can’t follow the Biblical mandate to be fruitful and multiply with the same-sex.  It’s against God’s design for us.  It’s a man-made perversion. 

I support state-run civil unions.  I think if we truly want to have a separation of church and state, then churches need to take back “marriage” (since it was stolen from us by the state), and states initiate civil unions.  I believe all couples, straight or gay, deserve the same civil rights such as hospital visits, taxes, insurance, etc.  There is NO reason to deny them that.  There is a religious reason to deny them “marriage”.  It’s called original intent or original design.  God created marriage between man & woman, and his followers have a right to demand we retain it.

Due to the fall, the church is filled with sinners.  People will divorce, and people will marry who never should have.  The church SHOULD be doing more to stop this!  Counseling before marriage and a mandatory wait period should be necessary.  Pre-divorce counseling should also be required!  We need to do better.  But we don’t work towards getting better by compromising more.  The Bible is either the word of God AND the final matter on everything (even our opinions) or it is not – and then we have no right to say anything about anything.

Today is Valentine’s Day.  My wife and I have been married for 10 years, and we dated for 7 years before that.  We are only still together today because we have been to counseling several times since we’ve been married and we’ve committed to making God our focus and center of EVERYTHING.  Without that our love would not have been enough.  We are both sinful beings who let each other down.  It’s not all about love.  This debate is not about love.  It’s about what is right and what is wrong, and deciding where you stand.



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