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Another example of evolution-pushing failing

See this article – http://www.tgdaily.com/general-sciences-features/61076-this-virus-evolves-and-mutates  titled “THIS VIRUS EVOLVES AND MUTATES“.


My response:

You have to realize that another example of adaptation and mutation is not evidence of molecules to man evolution. Every example we have shows mutations have led to adaptations positive and negative within species. No observed mutation process has ever shown one species change into another. This is how large scale evolution is sold to us:  in tiny pieces that they expect us to add up together to make a whole. That is where observation stops and assumption takes over. Think about it … how can a selective process (natural selection) ever create new biochemical pathways? Natural selection is a selective process, NOT a creative process. That is what we observe. That is the scientific part of it. Above that is all conjecture not based on observation, but out of necessity to make sense of the world naturally.



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