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Evolution can never disprove Biblical creation

Evolution can never disprove Biblical creation.  The scientific study of evolution is based on testing the natural world and making conclusions based on such.  Seems to make sense… unless you understand that there is more at work in the universe than just what can be naturally tested.  The very idea of being a Christian shows that you accept a supernatural world.  No Christian should reject a 6-day creation because they feel “science” has proven that wrong. 

Evolution studies only the natural world.  No natural explanation to life can EVER disprove a supernatural explanation.  Actually, no origins theory can EVER be 100% proven… creation OR evolution.   Evolutionists can present their conclusions based on the evidence, and creationists can present their conclusions based on the exact same evidence.  Neither can be proven. 

It will ultimately have to go back to your starting condition… is the world only natural or supernatural?  A Christian already accepts the supernatural, and thus should have no reason to feel the need to accept evolution because those who accept a natural world only have told them they should.

The conclusions drawn by naturalist scientists make sense.  It’s all they have to go off of.  I don’t blame them.  Science IS the study of the natural world.  But that doesn’t mean that the natural world is all there is.  IF there is more… then their conclusions don’t work anymore. 

A Christian understands that we live in a fallen world, a mere shadow of what the original creation was meant to be.  To trust sinful man to give us correct answers by studying a broken world makes no sense to me.  In conclusion, their conclusions make perfect sense in a confined experiment where nothing supernatural exists.  Once you introduce the supernatural into the equation, it changes everything.



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