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Conspiracy Keanu … proves God?


There’s a popular internet meme called ‘Conspiracy Keanu’ that includes a picture of Keanu Reeves looking perplexed and asking a thought-provoking question.  The one above has Keanu asking “what if the blue I see isn’t the same color blue you see?”  I’m not sure if the original designer of this particular post meant to convey, but I take this as a very wise critique of the science vs. religion debate. 


You see, if we truly lived in an evolutionary world, by definition it would be constantly changing.  How would we know if a measurement we did today would be the same tomorrow?  How would we know if an experiment done today would return the same results tomorrow?  How would we know if my definition of “blue” is the same as what you are seeing?  Perhaps you are farther along on the evolutionary timeline than I.  Perhaps you have a new unknown mutation that has given you a sixth sense. 


In contrast we can test the world, and it returns the same results time after time.  Our definitions of “blue” are the same.  This is only possible in a constant world.  The very nature of scientific research demands that tests be repeatable.  The very fact that this is the case disproves evolution and demands a designed, stable, unchanging universe.   The fact that we can actually do science proves stability in our world, which disproves the very nature of evolution.  Without always realizing it, science itself proves God!



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