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Liberty Counsel combats ACLU, defends religious expression


It is often wrongly assumed that because there is a supposed “separation of church and state” public employees and students cannot express their religious beliefs.   The law actually protects religious expression, it does not prohibit it.  The following are seven examples pulled from a list of over 100 documented legal cases that commenced in 2011 where individuals were wrongly punished and discriminated against due to their vocalization of their Christian beliefs in a public situation.



A student expressed his Christian belief that homosexuality is wrong in a class discussion on religion.  He was sent to the office and given in-school suspension.  After legal action, the school overturned the decision and reprimanded the teacher.


To be “fair”, a state-funded cancer treatment center banned all Christmas decorations.  Two days later they lifted the ban on Santa Claus, but left the nativity as banned.


The Freedom From Religion Foundation successfully convinced a Florida school district to prohibit a voluntary pre-school prayer gathering at the flagpole, calling it “grossly inappropriate”.


A California school district allows Christian fellowship group to distribute flyers but bans the word “Bible”.  Upon legal action citing the Supreme Court ruling that public school must allow equal treatment to religious speech, the district quickly overturned its decision.


A Florida teacher-of-the-year is removed from the classroom for expressing his opinion on gay marriage on his personal Facebook page.  Upon legal action, three days later the teacher was reinstated.


A Tennessee principal threatens removal and arrest for any graduation speaker attempting to pray.  Upon legal action, the school district overturns the threat and prayer commences without incident.


Louisiana school bans pastor from participating in career day activities.  Upon legal action, they overturned their decision.


Much more cases available at:  http://www.lc.org/index.cfm?PID=14101&year=2011

The Liberty Counsel represents those wrongly harassed by the ACLU, and works to restore the culture by advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life, and the family.  Liberty Counsel is run by Matt Staver, and is a branch of the law department at Liberty University.


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