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Acambaro Dinosaurs – evidence being suppressed?

In the 1940’s a collection of over 30,000 clay and ceramic figurines were unearthed in Mexico.  Amongst the artifacts were models of all different races of people, animals, and most interesting – dinosaurs!  A previously unknown human civilization of apparently thousands of years old had modeled dinosaurs prior to their scientific discovery in the 1800’s in shocking detail.  Could this be evidence of dinosaurs and man coexisting? It seemed obvious that this massive collection could not be the work of some elaborate hoax.

Nearly every researcher, scientist, archeologist, and dating laboratory verified the Acambaro figurines as authentic until it was revealed that there were dinosaurs in the collection.  Then all of the sudden, each verification was revoked, and other explanations offered.


Very full detailed history and photos of the figures here – http://www.omniology.com/3-Ceramic-Dinos.html   (a long read, but VERY thorough)

Limited brief explanation with hoax claims here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ac%C3%A1mbaro_figures


So, is this further witness to evidence being suppressed?  Scientists claim to be unbiased, and yet are forced to dismiss this evidence because it violates the already established historical timeline of millions of years.  So which comes first, the conclusions or the evidence?




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