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Proof of your Allegiance



The Bible makes the claim to be the word of God 3000 times.  Obviously, by definition – God cannot lie.  The Bible, read plainly, tells us that God created the world in six days, and the genealogies add up to the world being created about 6000 years ago.

Many Christians agree with the majority of modern scientist’s determination that the world and all that is in it was created gradually over billions of years. 

To reconcile this understanding many Christians interject millions of years into the 6 days of creation.  This requires them to declare the Bible as fallible and man’s findings as infallible.  Although most scientists today would interject that their findings are indeed fallible and welcome new evidence. 

Now we are left with two sources which are apparently fallible.  Now, which do you choose?  If you stick will millions of years, you have decided who holds your authority.  The creation-evolution debate is often seen as divisive in the church.  This is never meant to be a test of salvation, only devotion. 

This is not a question of evidence.  It is a question of interpretations of the evidence.  It is a question of conclusions based on the evidence.  It’s more a foundational argument than a scientific.  The scientific conclusions seem to make sense without the revelation from the Bible.  If both sources are fallible, it is ultimately a question of allegiance and devotion – man or God?  



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