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What exactly is a “Christian understanding of science?”

I recently responded to someone who questioned what it means to hold a Christian understanding of science.  The asker mentioned popular things such as the fossil record and carbon dating as proofs of science’s understanding of the past.  Here is my responce to what exactly is a “Christian understanding of science”?

Yes, science can only test things that can be measured. But historical science can only be measured so far, and then assumptions have to take over. We have to assume that certain conditions have always been the same. Christian scientists are not willing to assume that due to two main events revealed in the Bible: a 6-day creation, and a worldwide flood. Christians believe these two events very well may have obliterated the necessary consistent assumptions needed to validate radiometric dating. We can not prove these events beyond a shadow of a doubt, so our theories are not strictly scientific, but I don’t think truth comes through only one source. I believe we receive truth through four sources: authority, experience, intuition, and reason… not JUST reason. I think when we use reason alone we are limiting our view of the world. IF those two events did happen the way the Bible claims, then it alters a lot of what we understand about historical science. And IF it happened that way, the world should reflect that. If there really was a worldwide flood we should expect to see billions of dead things buried in rock layers all over the world… we do. If the world is actually young, then we should be able to establish time clocks that if extrapolated backwards in time show that the earth can only be so old… we have over 20 of them. I will admit that the proof is not enough to change secular science’s minds. But it comes down to an if-then statement. IF those events really happened that way… it changes everything we know. And your belief in those events happening relies on what/who you put your authority in… man or God?


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