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Creation – the only rational explanation

I wanted to take a moment and recap just briefly my research into why I reject evolution and accept a literal Biblical creation.

1.  Evolution maintains that death and suffering existed for millions of years before Adam/Eve sinned despite what it says in Romans 5:12 “just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin.”  Holding to this belief makes God the designer of all suffering, and makes God call things such as cancer “very good”.

2.  If death and suffering were always a part of the original design, why did God need to send his only son to die to restore a system… that never existed?  Evolution destroys the concept of a perfect Garden of Eden that we rebelled against and destroyed.  Without that separation, why did Jesus need to come?  Evolution destroys the need for a savior.

3.  Evolution leads to racism.  If evolutionary theory is correct, then people across the world evolved at different time and different situation and therefore are not equal.  This is the conclusion drawn by Hitler to justify the holocaust and those who mass-murdered Australian aborigines to prove they were less evolved.  The Bible teaches that we all came from the original couple and are therefore one race.

4.  Jesus believed that Adam and Eve were created at the “beginning of creation” (Mark 10:6) not millions of years later.  He also described Cain killing Abel as happening at the “foundation of the world” (Luke 11: 50-51) not millions of years later.

5.  The original Hebrew word for “day” in the Genesis 1 narrative is “yom”, which when combined with a number and the phrase “evening, then morning” always means a literal 24-hr. day.  Only defined as a longer amount of time rarely, the word yom is used over 1900 times in the Old Testament to mean a literal day yet we don’t question those times.  In Exodus God commands the people to only work 6 days a week because “in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them”.  The word yom is used the exact same way in God’s commandment here.

6.  The science behind evolution is extremely shaky.  The theory banks on millions of years, but the dating methods used to “prove” those use unverifiable assumptions and take no divine measures into account.  Science shouldn’t take divine measures into account, but need to admit that their findings may not be the full picture.  The Bible gives us a fuller picture including why we see millions of dead things buried in layers of rock all over the world (Noah’s flood).  Seeing common genetic links does not prove common descent, it proves a common designer.

7.  Modern-day observable evidences for creation (vs. historical assumptions):  22 verifiable time clocks that show the earth cannot be billions of years old (http://www.earthage.org/youngearthev/evidence_for_a_young_earth.htm), living fossils (http://www.straight-talk.net/evolution/living.htm), red blood cells in T-Rex fossils (http://www.straight-talk.net/evolution/t-rex.htm), and many more.

8.  Biblical creation provides the only rational explanation for universal laws of logic, science, and morality.  Evolution shows that everything that has ever come into being is random.  If this were truly the case, how could we study anything?  How we not know if what we were studying was more or less advanced?  How could we trust our senses?  Evolution actually destroys the entire concept of scientific research.

To recap the recap:  evolution makes God the designer of suffering, destroys the need for a savior, leads to racism, makes a liar of Jesus and Moses, is based on limited assumptions vs. modern day observances, and destroys the laws of science.

These are the reasons I reject evolution… but why do I accept Biblical creation?

The story of creation, a perfect world, Adam & Eve as the first couple, the separation from God as a result of sin, the flood of Noah’s day, and the dispersion of people groups at Babel is the only rational explanation for the world around us.  We see order and design in all living things.  We see an imperfect world.  We see humans as equals despite different people groups.  We see billions of dead things in sedimentary rock layers all over the Earth.  We see uniformity of nature, science, and logic.  All these modern-day observances completely align with the Biblical narrative but are in complete opposition to evolution.

I understand that groups out there (like TalkOrigins) have provided thorough responses to my accusations.  I have found that in each one of these cases the person is required to compromise on what the Biblical text clearly states to continue to follow evolutionary thought.  I also realize that once I do that – I have now abandoned all authority the Bible ever had, and have to literally mutilate my Bible by ripping pages upon pages out of it.  If I question what Genesis says because it doesn’t align with secular science then WHY believe Jesus rose from the dead?  That goes against science as well.

In conclusion – Biblical creation, and the rest of the story, offers the only rational explanation of the observable world.


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