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The problems with theistic evolution

Here are my biggest issues with theistic evolution…

The secular view of the fossil record records death, suffering, and even diseases like cancer before man comes on the scene.  At the end of God’s creation He calls all this “very good” (Gen. 1:31).  A theistic evolutionist has now made God the author of all suffering, disease, and death in the world.  This validates atheistic claims that God is a terrible, horrible being who allows us (in fact, designed us) to suffer. 

In the Bible, death is always referred to a bad thing, as a sacrifice.  How is death a sacrifice if it was always part of the original design and referred to as “very good”?  Basically, you are saying that God says cancer is a “very good” thing.  You have made God out to be a horrible tyrant who cares nothing about our suffering. 

If we view the Bible for how it plainly reads, God created the whole earth perfect, and WE destroyed it.  We chose to separate ourselves from God, and now pay the price for that (death).  We are to blame for the suffering in the world.  If we didn’t destroy the original plan, why did Jesus need to even come?  Evolution destroys the entire Biblical message, not just Genesis.

That is why I do what I do.  I do not take outside influences and change what the Bible says to incorporate it.  I question the outside influences by what the Bible says to see if there might be another explanation that I’ve overlooked using all four methods of knowing truth (authority, experience, intuition, and reason) that still works with what we observe in the world.  To date, I still find that a literal understanding of the Bible provides the most logical outcome for what we observe in the world today. 

Evolution destroys the foundational concepts of a loving God, the problem of sin, and the reason for a savior.


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