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Biblical authority

Forming an accurate world view

We gain knowledge from four sources: authority, experience, intuition, and reason.  If we isolate any one of these methods – they are not reliable.  But if we use all four in congruence with each other we are able to come as close to the truth as possible.

You first choose an authority – man or God.  You will now interpret all other “truths” through that condition.  Any experiences or intuitions you encounter are filtered through what you have decided is your authority.  If God is your authority, then experiences and intuitions are understood as not only physical but also spiritual.  If man is your authority, then experiences and intuitions have to align with what man has determined is reasonable.  In this scenario, anything outside of the physical is not verifiable, and therefore must be dismissed. 

Finally, reason.  For someone who makes God their authority – all logical thinking deductions must be filtered through God’s revelation to us – for we know that we are not the supreme being of full understanding.  For someone who makes man their authority – all logical thinking deductions are self-approving and reproducible. 

To recap – those that make God their authority also includes truths revealed through experiences and intuition as well as reason that does not violate the authority.  Those who make man their authority filter everything through reason alone. 

My deduction is that those that make God their authority are actually utilizing more methods of gaining truths.  There are some schools of thought that the body is both physical and spiritual, but the spiritual part lies dormant until the person is willing to explore that part of themselves.  Once they are willing, God is able to access the spiritual and reveal himself to them (experience). 

The other side of this is that religious people do not need to abandon reason.  Some people feel that “faith is all that is needed”.  I don’t agree.  From my opening statement – once you isolate one way knowing truth, your truth has become less reliable.  But people will never find God based on reason alone.  That is why a combination of all four forms of truth (authority, experience, intuition, and reason) are essential for forming an accurate world view.


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