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ORIGINS: The real battle – Physical vs. Spiritual

Evolutionists unite:  “Creationists just don’t understand how evolution works.”  This is not entirely true and I will demonstrate why.  Now of course with any situation there are going to be individuals who are going to go out and scream “I don’t care what you say – the Bible says this”.  That is not creation science, that is blind faith.  I don’t suggest anyone go off of blind faith.  The thing that is confusing people from all genres is the misunderstanding that we can come at the evidence with no preexisting conditions.  This is not true.  There are two types of people: those who believe in God, and those who don’t.  That belief (either way) will play a role in how you interpret evidence (yes, bones and rocks do not speak for themselves).   

With no God in the picture, the evidence does paint the picture that evolutionists lay out.  With God in the picture, the same evidence takes on new meanings.  The conclusions change.  The evolutionist looks at chimps and humans sharing over 95% of the same DNA and determines that we evolved from a common ancestor.  Creationists see the same evidence and determine that we came from a common creator.  The evolutionist see the Grand Canyon and says – “aha, millions of years”, the creationist looks at the Grand Canyon and says “aha, Noah’s flood”.  Is there any external evidence for the creationist claim that the Grand Canyon is the result of a quick process?  Yes, there is.  After the Mt. St. Helens eruption, canyons over 100ft deep were formed in days that resemble the strata layers we see at the Grand Canyon.  Now it comes down to – are you seeing what you want to see?  The answer is – YES.  That’s exactly it! 

IF God created the world in 6 days as He claimed, and IF God destroyed the world in a catastrophic flood – does the evidence left behind tell that story? Creationists claims draw different conclusions based on the evidence because we believe these two major historical events to be true. We feel the evidence actually tells the story of those events. But like all historical evidence – our interpretations are just hypotheses and theories. Unless you accept a 6-day creation, and a worldwide flood to start with – our explanations will not make sense to you. But if the events did happen, the evidence still makes sense.  Evolutionary evidences do not cancel out creationism because we use the same evidence, different conclusions.

What we are doing is making the distinction between a physical origin of the world and a spiritual. I understand the evolution vs. creation debate, but you are comparing oranges and apples. When you put God into the mix – ANYTHING becomes possible. The biggest problem is when you try to use the words “proven” and “facts”. Although evolution is the majorly accepted origins theory, scientists VERY rarely ever use 100 percent statements about anything, because science changes all the time and revises previous statements. Those that use 100 percent statements often times end up looking like fools. In my post here (https://gracesalt.wordpress.com/2011/08/16/the-bible-more-reliable-than-science/) I show how the scientific consensus on the age of the universe decreased by over 10 billion years in just a generation’s time. This is why science does not deal in absolutes. But the Bible does.

The other side of the picture is those that try to incorporate evolution and creationism.  They are trying to meld those that deal in absolutes and those that don’t, and in the process are destroying the foundation that both stand on. They are in middle ground creating their own theory that is not supported by either side.

I think it is best put by the National Academy of Sciences and Institute of Medicine of the National Academies (2008):  

In science, explanations must be based on naturally occurring phenomena. Natural causes are, in principle, reproducible and therefore can be checked independently by others. If explanations are based on purported forces that are outside of nature, scientists have no way of either confirming or disproving those explanations.”

  National Academies Press. pp. 10–12. ISBN 0-309-10586-2. Retrieved 2008-10-27.

Let me reiterate, I understand why evolutionists conclude the way they do, but that does not cancel out creationism at all.



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