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Biblical authority

Defending ultimate truth

This past year God called me to stand up and defend His truth.  What I have found since then is that people do not want to be reminded that there is such a thing as ultimate truth.  People see so many religions and so many denominations as evidence that no one can know the ultimate truth.  Well, the fact of the matter is that ultimate truth DOES exist.  That’s pretty obvious.  So the question is – how do you decide ultimate truth?  Well, you will always get your truth from whatever you set as your authority.  I have chosen to make God my authority over anything man has to say.  I come to know God through his revelation to me in the Bible.  If I allow myself to question any part of it, I could inevitably allow myself to question any part of it.  I understand that many theologians and Christians throughout the years have interpreted passages of scripture to mean MANY various things, but I feel this has led to extreme compromise in our churches.  I feel the most logical and consistent interpretation is reading the Bible as literally as possible.  I do recognize there are allegories (parables), and poems (Psalms), and visual imagery (Revelation), but I don’t believe this distracts from an accurate historical timeline. 

Most people have a problem with reading the Bible literally because of Genesis 1.  After all evolution has proven the Creation story incorrect, right?  Therefore Genesis 1 MUST be allegorical, poetic, or incorrect.  If anything questions the Bible, as a Christian I feel I need to not just blindly say ‘well I guess the Bible got it wrong’.  I need to research the position and compare it to scripture.  What I don’t do is take the position and adapt my interpretation of scripture so that I can hold it.  THAT is what a lot of modern-day Christians are doing, and it is tearing the church apart.

What I have learned in my research is that evolutionary theory is not as hole-proof as is often proclaimed.  There are too many unverifiable assumptions to make the theory reliable.  In fact, it is not a debate over evidence; creationists have the same evidence – but different conclusions.  But that is not what this topic is necessarily about.  This is about truth, and how do we know it.  If you are one who says that God is your authority – yet you compromise on His creation story, His warning during a worldwide flood, His definitions of sin, His revelation of Heaven/Hell – than you do not truly have God as your authority.  You have made man’s interpretations of Him as your authority and have lost the ultimate truth which is in plain letters for you to read anytime.  Even most Atheists I know would agree – if you are going to accept any part of the Bible, it does not make sense to not accept another.


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