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God at work

According to my personal budget, I should be in the hole at the end of every month.  My expenses outweigh my income, and on top of that I tithe to my church – so that’s even less to work with.  I have NEVER not paid a bill.  I have never gone beyond my means.  On paper, it doesn’t add up.  In reality – I’ve been taken care of.  What do I pray for?  Exactly that.  And God answers in mighty ways.  This past week at church I was anonymously given over $300 in gift cards and clothes for my family.  I didn’t ask for it.  All I did was serve God in the ways He has asked me, and He continues to take care of me.  THAT is the power of prayer, and it is VERY real to me.

This past week I have been debating with someone over what he calls annoying super Christians.  The discussion got to the point where I said “What are the things you view as important?  What kind of things fill your downtime?  That is who you are.”  This person goes to school the next day and receives a homework assignment to journal the things he does during his day to see how he fills his time!  I had no idea he had this assignment coming, yet for some reason I felt compelled to say the same thing.  THAT is God at work today.

Many people think God has left us alone to fend for ourselves.  I say this is not true as I have seen these things happen in just the past week!  No amount of scientific debating will ever have me doubt the reality of God because I have experienced His existence firsthand over and over and over.  These examples are only from one week out of over 25 years walking with the Lord.


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