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101 Evidences for a Young Age of the Earth

Creation Ministries International maintains an impressive list of 101 evidences for a young age of the earth.  Keep in mind that true science is something we can observe and measure today.  Historical science, the methods used by scientists to determine the age of the earth, rely on interpretations of rocks and fossils and can never be reproduced in a laboratory setting.  The following items can, and have been observed.

Below I will highlight a few of my favorites.  Here is the link for the rest:  http://creation.com/age-of-the-earth


DNA in “ancient” fossils. DNA extracted from bacteria that are supposed to be 425 million years old brings into question that age, because DNA could not last more than thousands of years.

The decay in the human genome due to multiple slightly deleterious mutations each generation is consistent with an origin several thousand years ago.

Living fossils—jellyfish, graptolites, coelacanth, stromatolites, Wollemi pine and hundreds more. That many hundreds of species could remain so unchanged, for even up to billions of years in the case of stromatolites, speaks against the millions and billions of years being real.

Experiments show that with conditions mimicking natural forces, coal forms quickly; in weeks for brown coal to months for black coal. It does not need millions of years. Furthermore, long time periods could be an impediment to coal formation because of the increased likelihood of the permineralization of the wood, which would hinder coalification.

The discovery that underwater landslides (“turbidity currents”) travelling at some 50 km/h can create huge areas of sediment in a matter of hours (Press, F., and Siever, R., Earth, 4th ed., Freeman & Co., NY, USA, 1986). Sediments thought to have formed slowly over eons of time are now becoming recognized as having formed extremely rapidly.

Pressure in oil / gas wells indicate the recent origin of the oil and gas. If they were many millions of years old we would expect the pressures to equilibrate, even in low permeability rocks.

Carbon-14 in diamonds suggests ages of thousands, not billions, of years.

Recession of the moon from the earth. Tidal friction causes the moon to recede from the earth at 4 cm per year. It would have been greater in the past when the moon and earth were closer together. The moon and earth would have been in catastrophic proximity (Roche limit) at less than a quarter of their supposed age.

Length of recorded history. Origin of various civilizations, writing, etc., all about the same time several thousand years ago.

Here is the link for the rest:  http://creation.com/age-of-the-earth


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