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Deep down you know there is more to this world than just the here and now.  Your soul is engrained with the knowledge of God.  His majesty is evident all around us in an incredible design.  You don’t really think a massive explosion caused the order you see in the universe today do you?  Science is supposed to be based on observation, yet every time we’ve blown something up it has caused chaos – not order.  I think it’s what you have to choose to believe because you are uncomfortable with the other choice.  Your flesh, your sinful nature fights it. 

Why do you think we have things like laws of logic, and uniformity of nature, and laws of science and morality in a supposedly accidental universe and constantly changing/evolving world?  How would we be able to trust our senses and even have laws in an unstable and unpredictable environment?  Actually, doesn’t make much sense does it?

The truth, what we DO observe is that we do have these laws, that the world is stable, and complex.  To believe we’ve arrived at all this by chance is a MASSIVE leap of faith, one I’m not willing to take!  I’m more comfortable putting my trust in a designer who has revealed Himself in an amazing book – the Bible – which was written over 1500 years, by over 40 authors, on several continents that tells a complete prophetical story. 100 prophesies fulfilled Just the fact that it doesn’t contradict itself is astonishing in itself! Answers for 143 popular “contradictions”.  Complaints of mistranslations and unreliability quickly fade when further research is done.  We have over 5000 ancient copies of the original texts that we can compare current translations too, and the Dead Sea Scrolls further solidified the modern texts authenticity.

Other religious texts contradict themselves and the character of their deity too much to be reliable.  Do remember that the three main religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) share the same original God.  Christianity teaches that man was created perfectly, given free will, succumbed to temptation, was separated from God due to this sin, and now can only be reconciled to Him through an atonement of sins – offered once and for all by His only son – Jesus Christ.  By confessing with our lips and believing in our hearts, we escape the eternal damnation we all deserve. 

The next hurdle for most unbelievers to get over is if God is so loving, ‘why do bad things happen to good people’?  The answer is quite simple – there are no good people.  The Bible says that there is no one good but Christ, because we all have sinned, even if that sin is only in our mind.  Since we’ve all done that, we are all separated from a Holy God, and deserve Hell.  He doesn’t send us there, we’ve chosen it.  He offers us salvation from that.  The choice is yours.

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