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Jesus was a young-Earth creationist

I am often informed by my fellow Christians that the real story of the Bible is Jesus in the New Testament, and to stop bothering with Genesis and whether it should be taken literally or not.  I agree that the main point of the scriptures is the gospel message through Jesus, and yes you can be saved regardless of if you believe in evolution or a 6-day creation, but believing in evolution sharply undermines the overall Biblical message.  It rips the foundation out.  To me it’s like starting a movie during the climax – yes it’s the best part, but makes no sense without a back-story.  You can piece bits together, but you’ll never have the full story.

So, if you want to deal with Jesus alone, let’s do that.  Jesus said in Luke 11: 50-51 “that the blood of all the prophets which was shed from the foundation of the world may be required of this generation, from the blood of Abel…”  Jesus described the killing of Abel by Cain (the first sons of Adam & Eve) happened at “the foundation of the world”.  Now let’s take a look at a picture relation of the evolutionary and the young-Earth creationist view of where the Cain & Abel story would have taken place in accordance with the foundation of the world:

According to the evolutionary timeline, modern humans emerged about 195,000 years ago in the timeframe of a 4.5 Billion year old earth.  According to young-Earth creationists, humans emerged at the same time as the foundation of the world about 6000 years ago.  Jesus’s picture of Abel being murdered at the foundation of the world aligns much more correctly with the young-Earth perspective.  In fact His statement makes no sense whatsoever in an evolutionary timeline. 

Remember Jesus was one with God and a part of the creative process in the beginning.  He knew how it happened.  I believe Jesus, being God himself – and outside of time, used his words extremely sparingly and had major importance in each word.  He knew what He saying and He said it intentionally.  I believe He knew about the evolution/creation debate, but also knew the people He was speaking to at the moment would not understand if He just came out and addressed it.  He used His words to transcend time to us in this debate today.  And His words are clear – Jesus was a young-Earth creationist.


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