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Has science proven that humans have less than 985 years to exist?

The mapping of human genome project has led to startling results contrary to popular evolution models.  Scientists studying the effects of mutations from parents to children have determined that on average 60 new mutations occur through each generation – some beneficial, some detriment, and some neutral – but all lead to a loss of genetic information. Mendel’s Accountant, a free downloadable program created by scientists at Cornell University, allow users to determine the average survivability of those that inherit mutations.  Using an average of 60 mutations per generation, the algorithm tells us that the human race can only exist 350 generations, or approximately 7000 years. 

This is consistent with some religious circles that believe that the Biblical reference to a ‘day being as 1000 years to God’ means the Earth will last 7000 years, with the last 1000 being the tribulation.  This is allegorical with God resting on the 7th day of creation.  Young-Earth creationists will tell you that the Bible teaches that world was created approximately 6000 years ago around 4000BC.  According to this theory, the last 1000 years started approximately 15 years ago, and the human race has around 985 years left in existence, unless God intervenes earlier. 

The results of the Human Genome Project, which have been peer-reviewed and published by secular scientists in major scientific journals, also backs up the creationist views that the body was created perfect, and due to sin has been slowly degrading over time.  These secular findings are in stark contrast to the idea of evolution.

More detailed information and sources on these studies here.


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