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A rational reason for disputing the evidence of evolution

So, how can creationists continue to believe in a literal 6-day creation in the face of a wall of overwhelming evidence to the contrary?  The answer has to completely do with the starting point of the individual.  Each person’s pre-established worldview determines how they will interpret the evidence presented. 

It is a common misunderstanding that secular scientists approach their experiments with no pre-existing conditions.  This is actually impossible.  Beliefs about how the world operates are pre-existing conditions.  The secular scientist enters his experiments with a pre-existing condition that God does not exist, and therefore all results exclude any divine information.

Christians know that God has given us a complete user’s guide to this Earth called The Bible.  When secular scientists leave out these key pieces of information, it is expected that their results would be skewed.  If I tried to determine what was happening in the USA in the 1700’s, but purposely leave out all historical documents recording what happened at that time – my findings would be incomplete.  It’s not that I couldn’t make logical findings based on what I did have to use, the findings would just be incomplete.  Creationists and evolutionists have the same evidence – the same fossils, the same rocks, etc; we just interpret what these evidences tell us based on two different worldviews. 

A key piece of information the Bible tells us is that a global catastrophic event known as Noah’s Flood decimated the Earth.  Many people view the flood as the popular children’s story vision with Giraffes popping out of the top of a happy-go-lucky boat on the water.  In reality this event was a turbulent, violent destruction of the Earth as we know it. 

This destruction may very well have altered the decay rates that are so crucial to the radiometric dating methods scientists use to determine the age of the Earth.  It is crucial that those determined decay rates have never changed in all of history, that nothing has been taken away or added to the rock’s internal makeup.  Creationists know the flood very well could have altered every specimen on the planet.  The flood, as a catastrophic event, is also very likely to be what caused the rapid burial (fossilization) of tons of dead things in layers of sediment all over the world.

You can now see that if you leave such an important event as the flood out as evidence, you are leaving out a crucial piece of the puzzle, and you are only left with a partial view of the whole picture.  Creationist are not ignorant of the wealth of supposed evidence for evolution, they just have the key to the puzzle.  The argument then comes down to worldview and pre-existing suppositions.  Creationists believe the Bible is a reliable, admissible piece of evidence.

 Whether you agree with the Bible or not, I hope you can see that someone who does accept it does have a rational reason for disputing the supposed evidence for evolution.


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