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Biblical authority

Supernatural or just natural?

Secularists often claim that supernatural events are impossible or unverifiable, and therefore not admissable as evidence.  With this mentality, they pose the risk of overlooking possible evidence.  Did you know that only 200 years ago, most people believed that what we know today as meteorites were considered sacred and supernatural events?  This site, although not consistent with a Biblical worldview, gives accounts of historical representations of meteorites.  These findings by later scientists begs the question – what things do we consider supernatural (and therefore unadmissable as evidence) will be proven by a future generation?  The Bible says that one day “every knee will bow before me; every tongue will confess to God.”  (Romans 14:11, NIV).  So, are we guilty of disputing the Bible just because it claims what we see as “supernatural” events?  I have heard of many Christians who have re-written Christ’s miracles because they don’t align with current scientific understandings of our universe.  I would argue that we as humans living in a gigantic universe created by an even greater God have no right to re-write the words of the Bible to fit our finite, constantly changing view of the universe.


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