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About me

My name is Tim Gilleand.  I live in Northern Indiana with my wife Marcy.  We have been married for 10 years and have three kids: Michael (7), Megan (3), and Eli (1).  I work as a call center agent while working on my masters in Professional Counseling through Liberty University Online.  I graduated from Bethel College in 2003 with a degree in Liberal Studies with concentrations in education, psychology, and ministry.  My wife and I perform locally as Christian music group UNITY (www.ibelieveinunity.com) and just recently released our debut album ‘What You Choose to Follow’ (available on Amazon).  I lead worship and a teen Sunday school class each week at my church – Sonlight Fellowship Wesleyan Church. 

I was raised in many different denominations throughout my childhood.  I accepted Christ at a church camp when I was 7.  I was baptized at a Christian rock concert when I was 12.  Throughout my high school youth group I was often elected as a spiritual leader.  During college, my interest in modern praise & worship grew and I formed several praise bands.  I spent two years helping lead the camp I attended when I was younger.  I also have spent some time as a Christian concert promoter bringing artists into the area.  After getting married and having kids, I decided to settle down and get involved in a local church, and God has been continuing to teach me and guide me.

Through a recent family trip to the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky, God has ignited a new passion in me for apologetics, and Biblical accuracy.  Through this site, I hope to ignite the church towards a shift from compromise with man’s word to absolute dependence on God’s word free of man’s erroneous interpretations. 

From my wife and I’s UNITY song “Believe”:

I believe in a God above.  I believe in the name of love.
I believe in a trusting savior.  I believe in faith un-wavered.
I believe in the Holy Spirit.  I believe it cause I feel it.
I believe in the Holy family.  I believe in grace over me.
I believe in death and resurrection.  I believe in eternal elevation.
I believe it will be tough, but I believe God is enough.
I believe in you and me.  I believe in Unity.



About Tim



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